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FHA is only people with bad Credit?


FHA can help anyone, but you'll pay a mortgage insurance. There is a program in Virginia VHDA, you can get a conventional loan with 3% down payment NO mortgage insurance. I teach classes on Or just feel free contact me directly.

Closing on a home, how long does it take??


Usually lenders order an appraisal. They can see if the appraiser came to the property already or not, They can also expedite it, putting "rush" in their system.

closest town


it looks like your post wasn't complete

interested in listing with . Any experiences on the sell side?


you can try it, but there are fees involved and buyers usually pay some fees as well. Not a lot of regular buyers want to buy something from an auction with out guarantees and pay buyer premium. You can try sale by owner, but from my experience, you'll waste time and money. Your goal should find a good realtor who can sell it for the most money in the shortest time. Realtors do this job every day and they know what bumps on the road expect. 

Preapproval process for mortgage with Bad Credit


There is a program for the first time home buyer in VA for people with a low credit score or not a lot of cash.The name is VHDA. in order to get qualified, you need to find a VHDA certified lender to help you out, take a free class, get certification and work with a VHDA certified Realtor. I'm one of them. I can provide you names of lenders as well. It's a great program. If you qualified, you can do 3% down payment for a conventional loan or 0% FHA.

How do I sell my house while living out of state?


everything these days can be done through internet. I mean signing all the paperwork. All you need is to hire a good realtor you trust. I worked with clients being overseas and don't even come to the settlement. you can communicate through SKYPE as well.

Buying Real Estate Agent obligation


Choose someone who you want to work with. Agents can't know every neighborhood, but it doesn't take a lot of sience to learn statistics. Hiring an agent you are "buying" an experience. If you are not happy with your agnet, please her/him know and she /he can get a referral fee from the agent you choose.