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Appraisal more than Zestimate


A Zestimate - is just that an (estimate) It calculates the value of your home based on some simple things like sq footage and the average price of a home sold in your neighborhood or town/city. If you want your home value updated contact your local assessor's office and tell your house is worth X amount of dollars and I would be wary here however because your tax bill is more than likely going to go up. In the event that you however had your house appraised and it is "worth" less than your taxed amount you may be due an abatement.If however your house is on the market and you want the value updated I would try and contact your agent and have them do the updates necessary on the MLS. Zillow can pull information directly from an MLS listing with a real estate agent who is signed up on Zillow & MLS.Nate

Why does zillow still report the wrong sq footage on our house?


Hello,I am a real estate agent in Western Massachusetts in Berskhire County and like you said it can really ruin a deal. One way to calculate and find out the proper sq footage is to use your tax records and if those are not showing the proper sq footage in the MLS your realtor should have a choice of SQ Footage calculations as in who provided it: choices include:- Owner- Appraiser- Assessor (tax records)- OtherThere is also a company called The Warren Group that is a public records keeper located in Boston. You can contact them directly: you can get paperwork from the Warren Group you should be able to contact customer service @ Zillow and have the proper sq footage updated. You could also call Zillow Customer service and ask them where their "records" are being pulled from.any questions don't hesitate to askNate

My R.E. agent is worthless along with her broker. They may cost me a deal. What do I do?


The best way to go about any escrow issues especially those that go past what the law requires is speak to your real estate lawyer on the transaction. By law within 3 days they are required to deposit said escrow or else you in Massachusetts anyways can potentially sue for up to triple damages. I would contact a real estate attorney sooner rather than later.