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How long does the process take to buy a home with cash?


Contact an agent in your area.  If the home is vacant and everyone does what they need, a standard sale can close in about 10 days.  An REO in 20 days at best, and a short sale, well it'll take some time.

buying a foreclosure? Help me understand this please


Unfortunately, if the auction terms for the property are cash only, they most likely would not allow you to switch to a financed offer if you were the winning bidder.  You should contact an agent in your area and look for a property you can purchase with a 203K loan.

What do you think about buying a home on leased (US Forest Service) land??


It would all depend on how much time is left on the land lease.  Once the lease terminates there is no guarantee you will be able to renegotiate the lease.  If you can't, you would not be able to reside in the residence in it's current location.Also, in all likelyhood, the structures ownership will revert to USFS.Additionally, depending on number of years remaining on the lease, you may not be able to secure financing for your purchase.For more details regarding the pitfalls of land leases, you should ask an attorney.

Tax Re-Assessment question before listing a home


The tax assesment has nothing to do with the fair market value of the home you currently own.  The house will be reassessed at the time of sale in most jurisdictions.The buyers agent will explain this to the buyer during the transaction.