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At Nicklin Property Management and Investments, Inc., we have provided our clients with reliable and professional property management since 1986. We specialize in single family residential properties, condominiums, town homes, high rise units, custom and luxury properties. We service the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson area.

- One of the largest single family residential property management firms in the Las Vegas Valley with more than 1200 properties

- 98% client satisfaction rate and a 4% vacancy rate

-24 hour on-call maintenance department

-Rated the best of Henderson for 2008, 2009, and 2010

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01/06/2013 - abahrami
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Gibson Springs, Henderson, NV.

I am very happy with them, they fixed anything goes wrong within a day. My AC went out and they ask the landloard to replace within a week. I highly recommand them!

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08/11/2012 - user1289584
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Sheep Mountain, Las Vegas, NV.

I called to ask if a home was still available because it was online ,she awnsered the phone, I told her the address, silence, so i said hello????she litterally screamed at me, I'm doing something. Then the phone was silent forever, she finally spoke up , I gave her the address and she snapped , its taken. I could go on but, she was so rude she nothing less of hung up on me.  More Less 

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07/31/2012 - user4700094
Helped me rent a home.

Absolutely terrible!! Do not rent from this company!! My husband and I rented through Nicklin for 1 year and it was the worst experience! I receive social security benefits monthly, which I use toward our rent payment. The Social Security Administration sent a letter stating they were changing my day of payment from the 3rd Wednesday of the month to the 3rd of every month. I called several times to speak with Nicklin and managers explaining my situation now. They would not give me any consideration of having the payment in on the 3rd instead of the 1st of the month, not even having it post marked on the 1st, or having a check to them by the 1st and asking to cash it on the 3rd. Otherwise I would not receive the $50 rent credit for having it in on the 1st of every month. We were excellent tenants with 2 kids, normal family, always paid rent on time. So I would have to pay $1,050 a month instead of $995 over my 2 day span of my social security payment date changing, they would not work with us at all!! Money hungry company, rude, did not care at all! Our lease was ending in May, they were trying to force us to sign another year lease saying they would fix carpet and certain things if we sign another lease. Carpet needed changing, screen door needed fixing, multiple things in the town home needed fixing, was built In 1995 with no changes made to it. Things falling apart with age, they tried getting us for it in the end, we found a different home thank god and very happy now with our new property management company!! Please I recommend staying away from this company, and as you can see there are many bad reviews with this company! I asked to speak with the landlords about my social security payment issue to ask if we could have rent on the 3rd due instead of the 1st for continuing to receive our rent credit of $50 monthly and they wouldn't contact the landlord to ask, they said its their policy to have rent in by the 1st with no extra days. Usually places let you have until the 3rd to have your rent in by. Good luck if you do rent with this company! The funny part is now our town home has been up for rent for 2 months now and they have dropped the rent from $995 to $949 to $895 now, their desperate to get someone in now, but they wouldn't work with us over a 2 day span before, they are something else!  More Less 

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