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My husband and I have been renting for a few years without any hiccups. However, due to a mountain o


It appears part of the question is missing as several have already pointed out.  I tell clients that ask the first part of this question that the decision is ultimately yours and there are many factors to explore.  Are you planning to stay in the area for a period of time, are you comfortable with your finances and your current employment situation, do you have money to put down and/or to pay closing costs, etc.?  So many personal questions go into this decision and it can not be reached by anyone else giving their opinions.  In my market interest rates are fantastic, we have USDA loans that will give you 100% financing, most of the time sellers will pay your closing costs, and our home conditions have not taken a hit like other market places have.  I feel that investing in owning your own home in my market is a smart decision.  The choice is yours.

How long should I wait to hear from a seller about an offer that we made on a short sale?


Every short sale is different.  What I tell my clients is not to expect a response from a bank on a short sale offer for at least 60-90 days.  If we hear back quicker, great!  I have had banks respond in 20 days, 35 days, and 70 days.  There is no rhyme or reason with them.  These are an oxymoron, there is nothing short about a short sale!

Can HUD tell FNMA their Accepted Cantract $ amt is not acceptable?


I have never run across this before.  It sounds like the negotiator for FNMA did not do their research on the investor requirements before accepting your offer of $55,000.  Now HUD being their investor will not accept less than $60,000.  The investor does have the power to not approve a deal.  You may want to speak with an attorney in your area who has real estate experience.  They will tell you all of your options from a legal standpoint.  Good luck!

Why are Zestimates of houses for sale higher than their neighbors?


The Zestimates are just opinions and not a comparable figure to use when purchasing your home.  Sometimes they are spot on with local markets but often they are not.  Sellers can go in and update information on their homes themselves.  I tell all of my sellers to do so.  This may be the case with these active homes you're seeing and the neighbors have not updated information because they aren't selling.For the best information available I encourage you to use your buyers agent.  They can run a comparable market analysis from your local multiple listing service and give you accurate figures for what homes are selling at.Best of luck!

how does my house drop 100,000 in one day--do you really think you know what your doing?


You can go in as a homeowner and enter information about your home.  Check out this link... Zillow is not an accurate Comparable Market Analysis on any home.  It's an opinion.  I suggest every homeowner that is thinking of selling contact a local Realtor to do a proper analysis.  In addition if you're a buyer I recommend that you hire a professional as your buyers agent who will prepare a market analysis for you before entering into a contract on your new home.  Good luck!

How to select a real estate agent to sell our house?


The most important thing I encourage every seller to do is to interview a hand full of Realtors.  The reason I encourage this is because not every agent is the same.  You will have some with great personalities but do they have a great marketing strategy, then you will find some with great strategies but do they have a good reputation among the market place?  You want to find the one person that fits the best for your situation.  I suggest you ask for their statistics (homes they have listed/sold, homes they have listed that expired without selling, their time in the business, and marketing plan), as well as their companies statistics.  I work for a firm with 60+ agents and it's just as important to have them educated on your home as well since they could end up showing and selling it.  Best of luck with selling your home