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Replace furnace when selling home?


For the most part, gas is much more desirable fuel due to cost, cleanliness, more evenly cooking and you don't have to monitor the oil tank.  Here on Long Island where one of the first questions when a buyer enters a home is "is it gas or oil?" my suggestion would be to convert to gas and have the cast-iron coal furnace removed.Good Luck!

Bank of America Short Sale


I have.  It took a little over 7 months and some negotiations back and forth.Good luck!

What does it mean when a home is in pre-foreclosure and a Les pendens payment is made?


A lis pendens means that a suit is pending.  The home owner has received a  written notice that a lawsuit has been filed concerning the title to real property or some interest in that real property.  Even though there is a lis pendens against a specific property, the owner still has rights to the property.Although payment has been made and the mortgage is current, it can take a while for the information to disappear.

Is it unethical for a seller to counter offer conditioning the buyer to use a certain lender?


The seller can request that you go through a certain mortgage company to get pre-approved to make sure that you are a willing, able and qualified buyer, but can not demand that you actually use any particular company for your mortgage.  So no, this is not unethical or illegal.  In a seller's eyes, it could mean reducing the risk that they could lose 2 to 3 months on a loan that may not come to fruition.In today's climate, certain seller's are asking for a lot more than a pre-approval through a specific mortgage company.  I have seen 2 years income tax returns, most recent pay stubs, proof of funds, etc.Good luck!