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how long after hud removes the listing do you get an answer?


Hi, in my experience the status "U" as in "under review" won't change, even days after an offer has been accepted. Typically, if your offer was either cancelled, accepted or a counter offer issued it will happen the same business day. Your realtor can ask the listing agent if he/she has received an email from the asset manager disclosing who the winnig bidder was. I know this process can be frustrating, but it is what it is. Hope this helps!

how does buying a pre-foreclosure house work?


Hi John, a pre-foreclosure is usually a property where the owner (seller) has fallen behind on mortgage payments. Question here is: once the loan and any other liens are paid off by a prospective buyer, is there any equity left? If that's the case, you can come to an agreement with the seller. Otherwise, if the seller's lender has to take a loss, then it's up to the lender to approve a short sale and this process can take months.

Are bank owned homes being sold as is still allowing home inspections?


Our standard Board of Realtor contract ALWAYS has an inspection contingency. Most banks will allow up to 10 days for inspections and a few days to agree on remedies. Of course, if a cash offer without an inspection contingency comes in, you may never get your offer approved ... My advice: if you are buying as an owner occupant (to live in the property) and nnot for investment purposes, please ALWAYS have a home and pest inpsection done!

Can the bank not give contract ext on contract for a home they own when the hold up is there fault?


Hi Doss20ss,Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Your agent should have researched this property and given you a heads-up ... There is no reason for the seller to extend their contract since you have tied up the property till the 15th. Make sure to submit a 30 day extension by the 14th so nobody else can get the house, if you have decided to stick with the property. You can try to estimate a probable closing date by finding out when the property has been sold at Sheriff's Auction. Based on my experience, it will take a minimum of 5 months after the auction date to get the Sheriff's deed recorded. It could take even longer if there were any mistakes on any of the paperwork submitted by the attorneys. The bank can only close the transcation when the deed has been recorded. I hope this helps. Good luck! Susanne Novak

I am looking to buy a home built in 1920. What should I be aware of?


Most of the obvious things you or your agent can probably see when viewing the home: does it have new windows, a new roof, a new furncace, AC and water heater? The residential property disclosure should tell you if there are issues not easily discovered.Last but not least, you definitely should do a home inspecion once you are in contract. Items like the wiring (electric) or adequate insulation in the roof or moisture in the crawl space cannot be seen when casually looking at a property. Good luck!