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08/20/2014 - zuser20140613142716528
Showed home in 2012 in Corona del Mar, CA 92625.

Okay a few things about Marcel Ford, when you first meet him you'll see he has a relaxed and easy-going demeanor- A dress casual sort of guy.

...and you might think ...for a moment, that he is toooo relaxed and not hyper focused on real estate -ANNNND you would be dead wrong.

Over the years I have interacted with perhaps 100-150 real estate agents in all markets- all through referrals from people that have gotten their "dream work or living situations" through them. Thats a good start.

I met one- Sheila Brennan in Boston- who was simply amazing- for 20 years. No good ones one in Santa Monica, NYC Manhattan, a decent one in Wellesley MA.

It takes a lot to be a great agent- and Marcel is in my top 2. The only reason he is not number one is because I did not work with him for long enough to give him a chance to find me something in a tight market (I stumbled on a unheard of deal completely by accident and lived in CdM for 2 years for about $175 a month utilities included...and no there isn't an agent in the world that can match that). But given my $3800 a month budget Marcel was hot on the trail in a market with tight inventory. I gotta tell you...I was really ...almost saddened... to tell Marcel I had found something..

Marcel- took me around to see a few places in a variety of neighborhoods- always making sure he was able to hit my key hot buttons (Size, location, beach access, price, sunlight, workable living area ..and a host of other unusual requirements.)

My thoughts were not entirely he might let one of my check list items drop so the price or location would work better.. smart choices..not dumb ones.


Fact is.. he is very good at making the right choices. His choice of phablet phone for work, his tablet combo laptop, his car choice (Escalade- reliable, roomy comfortable). Where he lives. He sets up his life for remarkable ease.

He makes stuff work. Effortlessly..seamlessly- he is aware when he is showing you something on his phone/tablet/laptop to maneuver you out of direct sunlight- to a place where you can sit and be comfortable- to get to know your needs...conversationally without making it feel like a job interview.

Like some piece of great software he anticipates your needs, quietly confirms them- and moves on the next great place...all the time more accurately homing in on what you want.

He won't show you garbage for 3 listings and show you something decent on the third to make you jump to sign- he won't bait and switch you, he won't play games showing you a "Deal you JUST missed an hour ago" to prime you to make a rash decision on the next place. He doesn't do all those obvious realtor scummy crap techniques... (You are probably nodding your head thinking of realtors who did this to you before). He is a straight up good guy.

He's also not a realtor that works against you..secretly...Like those realtors that ask you where you are renting now, find out your landlord is old ..and actually contact your landlord and sell your own rental out from under you!!! Believe me...lots of realtors do this..names you would recognize- and should avoid.

Some realtors will ask you what else you are considering and them pass off your gold nugget to another realtor to sell your "safety home" to someone else! Marcel doesn't ask these questions...He knows they are offensive...and the information could be used against you.... so he doesn't do it!

Marcel is one of those realtors you actually enjoy seeing- think about hanging out with (haven't yet- but he did give us a tour of Newport Harbor on his Duffy boat - What a guy right?????! ) Seriously a decent person and a really good realtor.

Ok so by now you might realize there are more than a few sharks out there, and that Marcel is a Dolphin that might at a glance be mistaken for a shark- but he is the furthest thing from a realtor shark. he is one of the rare good ones.

So here is how your experience with Marcel will run.

He will listen to you, intently...seem like he isn't writing stuff down (But its ALL getting taken down in his brain).

He will show you properties..and most remarkably EACH one will get you closer to what you want...EVERY SHOWING.....he hones in quickly. Some realtors need to show you 8-10 properties before they even get an inkling of what you want. MARCEL DOESNT WASTE YOUR TIME! He starts targeting and retargeting like some relentless heat seeking missile until he finds your target for you.

Isn't that what realtors are supposed to do?????

Well Marcel does it with a combo of Smart tech and his personal relationship network. Most realtors have one or the other skill but Marcel has it covered...he has lived here all his life. He knows Newport and Laguna very well... Marcel respects and values your time.

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12/05/2013 - hobyd1
Sold a home in 2012.

We have used the better known real estate companies in the past with several other home sales in Newport Beach. We decided to give Marcel at Old Newport a try and they sold our home in just a few weeks during a tough market periodâ?¦ the entire process was smooth and effortless and I recommend Marcel to anyone with total confidence.

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04/02/2013 - user2866230
Found a tenant for a Multi Family home in Corona Del Mar, CA.

When we were looking for a home in Corona del Mar Old Newport Realty was on top of everything. They were available on short notice to show us properties with a smile. Their presentation of paperwork was extremely impressive! I would recommend Old Newport to anyone that wants first class service.

Kimberly K.

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03/01/2013 - user45291048
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $3.025M in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

If you ever interested in purchasing Orange County coastal real estate, you must meet the Old Newport team. You will really enjoy the experience. You may even find an ocean front dream home next to me!

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02/26/2013 - user3658409
Helped me rent a Single Family home in Laguna Beach, CA.

Old Newport Realty did a great job finding me a wonderful home in South Laguna Beach. The Laguna Beach real estate market was very competitive and quick follow up was critical to secure a place that had everything I was looking for. Their team was responsive and worked smart negotiating a great deal.

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02/26/2013 - user2580707
Helped me rent a home.

Anyone who is looking for an easy to work with Newport Beach agent who is honest, on the ball and extremely knowledgeable about real estate in Laguna Beach, California should jump at the chance to work with Marcel Ford the owner of Old Newport Realty.

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02/26/2013 - user4974143
Property manage a home.

Old Newport Realty has been truly professional with great attention to detail of their tenants needs. They showed up to my new rental in Corona del Mar upon move in to ensure everything was proceeding smoothly and to answer questions. Always responsive to email or phone, I feel great about living in a property they manage

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02/26/2013 - user3257442
Bought a Condo home in 2012 in Business District, Irvine, CA.

When I was looking for homes for sale in Newport Beach I was excited to make an offer directly to the seller's agent that I thought was a good deal, but the final purchase price I obtained once Marcel stepped in as my agent was phenomenal. Marcel is relentless!.

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02/26/2013 - user4659108
Helped me rent a Multi Family home in Corona Del Mar, CA.

Marcel, I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your professionalism and expertise in helping me find a home in Corona del Mar in "record time". Within just days of notifying you that I needed to find a home within a week to move into, you rose to the challenge with expediency and made it happen! If you want the Newport/CdM expert, Marcel is the one to use!!

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02/26/2013 - user6801447
Showed home in 2012 in South Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Marcel's upbeat personality and high energy made it an absolute pleasure to be with while I was looking at houses for sale Laguna Beach, CA. I would completely trust Marcel to handle anyones purchase or sale of their Laguna Beach house as he is an honest real estate agent.

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