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Manufactured Home Sales


That may be because a manufactured home in a park is considered personal property rather than real property (real estate). The MLS does list manufactured homes in parks, there are at least 10 of them here in Olympia.

Moving into a new house maintenance checklist?


If you had a home inspection done, your inspection report may include a preventive home maintenance guide with a checklist for spring, fall, annual and "as needed" tasks. [hotlinks deleted by Zillow moderator. Please refer to Good Neighbor Policy on the bottom whenever you make a post]

how do i list my property


If you haven't already set up an account with Zillow, start by clicking on "My Zillow" in the upper right-hand corner.Then you will have the option to "Create a Listing" with suboptions of by agent, by owner, for rent, or make me move.Enter your info in the box "Start posting a home for sale" If you run into trouble, put your question into the search field or google...

Short Sales seem to be getting easier and more common?


Talk to your CPA and or a real estate attorney before starting the process, then find a local Realtor who has experience negotiating short sales. If you are going to be short, you may as well have a Realtor help you with the process, there is no benefit to going it alone. Here is a link to a good article with some basic facts about short sales.

How can you delete listings?


 Update/Edit your listing on Zillow:1. Go to and log-in to your account (My Zillow).2. Go to the Listings section and click on the property address.3. On the home details page, click on Edit Status.4. Remove the related website link and choose the correct home status.5. Tick the disclaimer then click on Create Your Listing.

How do I get to the MY ESTIMATOR page? I cannot find it! HELP!

Answer, type in your address in the search box and look for a small pop-up to appear, then click on your address. My Estimate is beneath the Zestimate in the "Charts and Data" area, below the property details.

Hi I am the owner or 31north 16street east orange nj and I would like to know the value of my house


The value of a home is what a buyer will pay and a seller will accept. The only way to know for sure what it is worth is to put it on the market. Location, condition, and features will affect the price.Call a Realtor who is active in your neighborhood, and ask for a free CMA. They will be familiar with recently sold homes and current listings, and can compare your home to help determine what your house might sell for in today's market.