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what is make me move


"Make me move" - is simply the price it would take to make you move.

I need help with a direct lender (Not Fannie mae freddie mac).

I am a licensed Realtor and have a client that has an accepted offer on a condo in North Orange County.  He is putting 20% down and has a mid fico of 689 but he had a short sale 1 1/2 years ago so fannie mae and Freddie Mac will not buy the loan on a conventional financing.  Can someone please help me find a investor that would be willing to lend to this deal for say a 30 year amortized loan with a 2-3 year balloon (until he can refinance - should be between the 2 and 3 year mark of  is initial Short Sale) with a reasonable rate of say 6-7%?

Why are so many people cautious of buying now?

Some people feel like they missed the boat with the Federal and State rebates when in reality buyers can save more NOW with lower rates.  What do you think if you are a cautious buyer?   

Most Common Options to Forclosure are...

1)  Simply pay back over due amount2)  Talk to your lender or loan modicfication specialist about modifying the loan3) Seek out a certified qualified short sale specialist (Realtor)This option typically allows you to stay in your house longer if you've already gotten a Notice of Default (3 months) or a Notice of Trustees Sale (NTS).  If you have gotten a Notice of Trustee Sale you could have as little as 3 weeks before your home goes to sale at public auction at the local county court steps.4)  You could do a deed in lieu to foreclosure (i.e just give it back to the leander) but most banks don't want the liability that goes along with it.

how do I find out if a home is paid for?


 You can ask a local Realtor to check with the homeowner if you don't feel comfortable doing it.  As a Realtor they can check the public record to see how much of a loan the owner took out when they bought the property.  That may help determine when it should be paid off if it is not some crazy financing like a negative amortization loan or Interest only loan.

How do I know what my house is worth???


You look at what has SOLD (what homes are actually selling for), Active (competition), pending (what's selling), and expired (what homes are NOT selling for.We call it a current market analysis (CMA)I'd be happy to help you with one.