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I purchased this property from a local artist in 2001. Stacy acquired the property in the late 60's and used it a her summer residence, studio and art school. She was the artist in residence for the Town of Dartmouth, an outspoken women ahead of her time and very self sufficient. When she told me she wanted to sell it and I told her I was interested, she kept me waiting almost 4 years before she made up her mind. Unfortunately she died before I had the renovation completed, but there is evidence of her all over the property.

I gutted the house to the studs and had everything rebuilt. I put a substantial amount of time and money into the place and the grounds. My next project, if I don't sell, is to redo the "studio" barn and convert it into a living area. It is big enough for a loft bedroom and open space first floor with plenty of light and beautiful easterly views into the fields and the forest.

This is a beautiful place to live. I have spent 1 winter and about 24 months on and off over the years. I am working and living most of the time in Northern Europe and do not get back as much as I would like.

I am interested in selling the property and will entertain financing a portion of the sale price to qualified parties. I am not interested in showing the place to parties who are not serious about the involvement a property like this requires. Also I am not interested in tire kickers. If you have an offer, make it and I will let you know whether I am interested.

Thank you and best regards.

Paul Lancia

Serious inquiries only via email, then we can speak on the phone.

This property is leased until December 2008.

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