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PRS Pete wrote:

Bank Foreclosures Direct, with Rick Brown in So Calif? Is it a scam company?

For all you skeptics out there, keep on believing what you believe. And leave the real profits to those doing it. I just got back from Rick's Wholesaling REOs and Short Sale training. PRICELESS!!! What Rick and his team shared with those in attendance, over the last 3 days, for a mere $1495, was more than you get in months of training with the self professed "Gurus." And his VIP Pro package takes you from searching for properties to signing contracts, rehabbing and collecting a big fat check. Take it from a guy that's spent the $$$ for "Big Name" your retirement funds and invest your time, funds and sanity with Mr. Brown. Oh, and by the way Nay Sayers, I'm doing it! Keep showing those homes and making everyone else rich.To you WFD....SWEEEEEET
October 28 2012