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Pam Hargrave wrote:

Editing phone numbers
I have tried numerous times to add my contact numbers but they don't show on my profile.Also, since I have been a member for over a year and contribute often, could I be moved to the first page of the Littleton, NC, group?Thanks for your help.  Pam Hargrave (
November 05 2008

Updating Status of Expired Listing to Active

Ronskie, these are the addresses of my listings that I cannot update:(1) 91 Cross Creek Ct, Littleton, NC 27850(2) 231 Old Ferry Rd, Littleton, NC 27850(3) 787 Heather Glenn Dr, Littleton, NC 27850(4) 156 Sandy Cove Dr #85, Henrico, NC 27842(5) Sandy Cove Dr #87, Henrico, NC 27842(6) Waterview Dr North #97, Henrico, NC 27842(7) Waterview Drive North, Henrico, NC 27842(8) 156 Sandy Cove Dr #86, Henrico, NC 27842(9) 552 Poe Creek Dr, Littleton, NC 27850 Thanks for your help. Pam
July 06 2008
Updating Status of Expired Listing to Active
I have several listings that have expired on the Zillow site and went in to Update the Status to Active and I just keep getting error message that says problem with your site.  When will this be resolved?
June 20 2008