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I heard this story about 100 times from realtors - the client in town for the weekend


Ya know some times it is VERY true!! I suppose it comes down to how bad do you want to sell? I agree there should be some notice BUT I have sold homes to out of town clients, only in for the weekend and they will purchase that weekend, they don't want to mess with it any more then you do, some times those are the best showings to have.  Good luck!!!

Why do I need to be preapproved for a cash sale?


There is no reason at all to have to get pre-approved.  proof of funds is all you need!!  They (the selling bank) probably want all the buyers to get pre-approved from there bank.  If your cash then you don't need to :) Good luck~!

Buying a property on short sale


sounds like chase?? By reading what your saying yes, I do think you should hang in there!! Your answer should be very soon, about a week or two... is my guess.  you need an attorney!! you should have one already, your lawyer will take care of title!!  Good luck!!

Buy new or short sale


Depends on how much time you have, and weather or not you want to buy a home that is sold "as is"  Short sales are great as long as your agent and the list agent are experienced.  There are pros and cons to both.   For the price short sale, for the time real sale......... your choice :) Good luck!!

My short sale purchase is turning into a foreclosure - should I quit or keep pushing?


I would not put money into an attorney with no house, the sellers can dictate what they would like to do, sounds like cash for keys was there choice.  I would let it go for now and watch it...or have your agent watch it, if you really want it.  It can take quite a few months before it comes back on the market.  In the mean time go out and look at other homes, maybe you will find some thing better!  Every thing happens for a reason!! Good luck to you! 

my new home purchase...


The only truth to value that I have seen is what YOU think it is worth!! One person or one web site should not be held accountable for value.  Hopefully you are 100% happy with your purchase!~ congrats on your new home!!!

trying to sale house bought in 2007 - how with lose in value at this time

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If you are able to rent it, then hands down I would rent!  you can also speak with your mortgage company regarding all options.  Bringing money to the table is never easy for the sellers, but if it allows to get the home you desire then do it!  I can not say what the market will be like in a couple of years, I truly don't think any one can. Way your odds of what is right for you, what is meant to be will be!