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Paul Blumberg wrote:

Please update my listing- seller is very angry
I have a piece of vacant land listed.  The house burned down years ago, so it is vacant land.  The tax records keep populating my listing with stats on the house that no longer exists.  Please override this so that the info I added is the only information displayed, not the information from the tax records.  The address is 28849 Gates Mills Blvd, Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124.  MLS #3259059Paul BlumbergHoward Hanna216-219-0010
June 20 2012

When is the right time to lower the price of your home?

 Ultimately the market determines value and price hurt. They hurt you the seller, and they often make a buyer wonder how much lower the price could drop. So, a buyer will often offer even less after a price reduction.So when you are choose your agent make sure it is based on honesty, ethics, experience, competence and marketing, and if the agent tosses around numbers "to good to be true", challenge them realistically.  It's your home and your investment, wasting valuable market introduction time on "poor pricing" costs you more than you might realize.
February 11 2012

I need a response from ZILLOW

Sara,Thanks for your response.  I appreciate the help.Best,Paul
April 08 2010