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we are looking to buy a new home on long island and are relocating from illinois. what is the proto


There are two steps:1. Get a value on your current home and get it on the market asap. Inventory in most Illinois markets is slim so your timing is good.2. Get a good agent in Long Island to help guide your purchase. I can help you with that thru our referral network and there is no cost to you. The object is to find an agent with the knowledge and expertise in the specific area that you would like to move into.

Why does my home have two values?


Good morning!Actually, your home has many values. The obvious one is the sales price. That is the price that the home last sold at.Then there is the appraised value or values. This will vary depending on the appraiser's opinion as well WHY the appraisal has been ordered. Appraisals can be ordered for purchases, insurance value, refinance, tax assessment and many other reasons. Those figures will differ.The last value is the tax assessment value. This is the value that the county or state has put on the property in order to create a tax basis. These are usually comprised of recent sales in the area.