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05/26/2013 - user07662874
Bought a home in 2013 in Herpoco, Hercules, CA 94547.

I can't say enough great things about Mr. Ghafouri. I was hesitant at first, as he was talking a different type of loan other than "conventional". He was very patient and took his time to explaine how the loan he could achieve for me worked. It made sense, very good sense.

The speed at which he was able to complete the loan process was incredible and would have been even faster if I had managed to keep up with his requests for needed paperwork.

In the end, the work that Mr. Ghafouri and his staff managed for me made a huge difference in my future and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you again and again for making something so important happen for me. Something the conventional banks could not accomplish.

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04/11/2013 - user012018
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $1.375M in Linfield Oaks, Menlo Park, CA.

In my 25 years and nine home sale/purchase transactions I have NEVER worked with an agent as effective and completely focused....Paymon is AWESOME!

We were entering the slower season with our home in Menlo Park...with a very similar home on the market for a much lower price. But from the MOMENT we met Paymon he was all over the opportunity. Not only with an exceptional marketing plan and relentless hustle and follow up...Paymon really helped us get our home ready to sell. He has a full team of people and service providers that helped us get our home really cleaned up and clutter free....and his staging company partner is INCREDIBLE. All of this at very very low costs thanks to Paymon's negotiating on everything.

In the end we sold our home in less than two months at a premium to the market! THANK YOU PAYMON!

One last point of would think with the great personal service, impressive marketing campaigns to get to real buyers and tremendous hustle throughout the process that Paymon's services would be expensive. INCREDIBLY Paymon can structure his commission to fit your needs....he charged us 4% (total) and told us we could withdraw/cancel at any time if we were not happy....A Tremendous Value for Great Performance!

My only regret is that I cannot MOVE Paymon to our new location in Atlanta so that he can sell our next home!

Thanks Paymon for all you did for us!

Carl Sweat 154 Linfield Drive Menlo Park, California

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01/27/2013 - user7985335
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $300K in American Canyon, CA.

I am very glad to have Mr. Paymon as my real estate agent for our recent purchase of a house in American Canyon, CA.

This house is our 2nd house, so we had worked with real estate agent before and are familiar with the normal house purchase process.

However, this one is much unique and different from our previous house purchase. (1) The house is in CA, very far away from where we live [IA], so we don't have chance to meet the agent and look at the house by ourselves. (2) This house was a short sale, so the nature and the actual process of the house buying are very different from the traditional house purchase. (3) Mr. Paymon served as a dual agent during this process, representing both the seller and the buyer.

All above factors present challenges. (1) We could not meet the agent and have a face-to-face communication, and we had to rely on phone conversation and emails for information exchange; (2) We had to have our friend [in CA] to make arrangement with Mr. Paymon to look and review the condition of the property; (3) We need to gain knowledge to have a good understanding about the short-sale process [which is different from both the traditional house-purchase and the foreclosure sale]; (4) It was not uncommon to have unhappy short-sale sellers causing property damage and/or even back-out the purchase process, so the agent need to work very closely and deliberately with all parties to get the process going; (5) Since our agent is a dual agent, there is a balance to keep regarding the interest of both seller and buyer.

After some contact with Mr. Paymon, it became quite obvious that he is very knowledgeable about the nature and the pitfall of the short-sale process, had experience handling this kind of house-purchase process, and knew how to work with seller / buyer / bank to keep things going from one step to the next. When we were getting closer to the bank's proposed closing date, the buyer and the lender [along with the mortgage officer] became very concerned about meeting the target closing date, since the appraisal contractor caused some delay for the lender. Mr. Paymon seemed to have some ideas [along with plan B] to help address the concern, and we managed to get the deal done under a very tight timeline!

During the months, he always responses very quickly when we have some questions or need to talk to him.

The experience working with Mr. Paymon has been a very pleasant and positive one. He is among the best real estate agents I have worked, and I would definitely recommend him when people need to buy a house.

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09/30/2012 - user052244
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $275K in American Canyon, CA.

I strongly recommend Paymon as a real estate agent and financial adviser. He provides exceptional support and oversight in an extremely challenging market. I have personally observed Paymon provide advice, which has placed my interest ahead of his own. His staff is efficient and timely and the IT services he provides are top notch keeping a seller or buyer in the know. What more can a person ask for?

Although I live out of state, Paymon orcherstrated a masterful deal for my Bay Area home. He took care of everything. Use this guy and you will be extremely happy you made the choice to do so. I sure am.

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03/31/2012 - blew888
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $775K in Lauriedale, San Mateo, CA.

Paymon was extremely brilliant to work with and very accommodating to make things easy for us. Our goal was to buy an REO without too much hassle and Paymon helped make that happen. Communication is key and Paymon was very accessible via phone, email or text. He made us feel like his top priority. Overall, our experience with him was great; especially when Paymon fought hard for us when we came across a few bumps… Our original Agent put an offer on the property but it was rejected by the Bank. We loved the house and the neighborhood so we were very disappointed. Then somehow my wife found Paymon and he worked with the Bank Managers to miraculously accept our offer. Plus, after acceptance, Paymon volunteered to help with the loan but we decided to use our original Agent; which was a bad idea since they couldn’t get the loan for us. Paymon stepped in once again and turned an impossible situation possible. We were able to purchase our dream home with his “One stop shop.” His Real Estate & Loan knowledge is incredible!

In the future, we will definitely use Paymon and Paymon’s Real Estate Group. We absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, hard-working and genuine Real Estate Agent/Loan Officer who really has your best interest in mind.

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03/02/2012 - user98804
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $1.075M in Redwood City, CA.

We bought a shortsale in Redwood City in 2012. Paymon did an fantastic job. First he negotiated an amazing deal for us. For short sales one needs to know what they are doing. He got everything so right. What I liked about Paymon is that he treated us like we were his most important clients. He also always answered his phone even at 7am on a Sunday. He knows the law and is an excellent broker. A short sale can be long and messy however he made it quite simple and we felt he was an expert on the subject. I am convinced.. had we gone for another agent we wouldn't be living in this beautiful house!

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01/17/2012 - sgatton
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $575K in Redwood City, CA.

As an Escrow officer for over 15 years, I was struggling suddenly after the loss of my position. I needed to sell my home descreatly.

Mr. Ghafouri took everything into consideration from Marketing to the final closing process. I am a single parent and my children where not comfortable with showings. Mr. Ghafouri made certain that he was there and the wishes of our home were kept (we had a small dog).

When it came time for the contract he made things so easy and convenient. When the final sign off was emenant, he made certain I was not only physically ready but also took every consideration for my children and my emotions. He spoke to us every step of the way. We all know Mr. Ghafouri is each of our Realtors for life.

At the closing I still had no place to live. Since I was doing a short sale I also had no funds coming out of the sale. Mr. Ghafouri took every step to help me store and move my items. He continued to help me secure a new residence, once found he made certain my items where delivered to me and all along constantly communicating with me to assure my mental and physical well being.

They kept my privacy and personal belongings safe throughout the transaction. They were always professional. I never felt like a pay check, never a number, never a product to them. Always someone who they cared about.

Everyone can do paperwork and market and sell a home but not everyone can make you feel that they took care of you and your family. Mr. Ghafouri and his team can and absolutely does. I recommend them 100% -- you cannot do any better.

Sincerely Sgatton Single mother, short sale, escrow officer, retired realtor

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10/21/2011 - jenski1
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $875K in Belmont, CA.

When I first met Paymon Ghafouri, I knew I could work with him. I prefer dealing with professionals who know their business. Experience and expertise from somebody passionate about what they do is needed in order to make things happen. Paymon is that broker! He was pleasant, easy to talk to, respectful and non- judgmental. He was kind to homeowners like myself right from the start and very understanding of my situation. He also made us feel relaxed and gave good advises on what to expect going forward. He knew the drill and can negotiate very well for you.

A short sale is quite complicated for non-agents/brokers like myself. This type of mortgage structure can only be done by smart, competent, good negotiators like Paymon Ghafouri. I have met some real estate brokers in the peninsula, disappointing to say the least, but Paymon is a rare gem, very customer service oriented and will make you feel good despite your troubles. The other brokers will not bother with short sale structures because it is challenging, time consuming and would require special coordination, but Paymon gladly welcomed the opportunity, the challenge!!! Thank You, Paymon!!! The sale of my house (which only took 4 months from initial listing) could not have happened without Paymon’s courageous effort, hard work and countless hours of dedication. Anytime a deal closes is a great relief to all of us homeowners. I will forever be grateful to Paymon. He was the light at the end of the tunnel for us this year. I know I will call on him again for a home purchase or sale in the future.

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10/10/2011 - monthlypro
Sold a home in 2011 in Westborough, South San Francisco, CA 94080.

Paymon helped us sell our 3 bedroom home, and then assisted us with our 5 bedroom house that we moved into. Paymon is a great personable real estate agent who is very knowledgable of the local neighborhood property trends, and puts that knowledge into action to get your transaction done in an impressive time frame. He put our 3 bedroom house on the market as soon as he gathered local market value data and reviewed selling pricing with us, and we were able to field offers within weeks, and then sold the house rather quickly.

And then when we were stressing out trying to find a house to move into, Paymon gave us that confidence that we were going to find the right place and that we were going to be able to buy it! In fact, Paymon even assisted us in finding a lender who would be able to accommodate us. It didn't matter how many homes we went to, Paymon was very patient and supportive of us and never rushed us or pressured us to settle on anything we didnt like. We finally found the house we wanted, and Paymon did everything within his abilities to help us get that house, and we did, together!

I highly recommend Paymon, because in the end, you not only obtain the best real estate agent in the Bay Area, you also gain a friend for life... great job Paymon!

Rich Navarro

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06/10/2011 - kautul
Bought a home in 2011 in Serra, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.

Paymon was the listing agent and my buying agent for a short sale that I was interested in and ended up buying. He did a great job with the negotiations, knew the process and banks very well and got the shortsale approved in less than 3 weeks. That is the fastest turnaround time that i had ever heard of on a short sale. He was very responsive throughout the process as well. I would highly recommend Paymon and his team for any real estate transaction.

Cheers, K Mehta

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