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Aprox. how long does it take a bank that has bought a property back to relist it?

This is a very tough question as it varies with the motivation of the banks as owners.  Most banks in California seem to be holding on to their properties til the equity levels come up.  They are getting smart about marketing and getting the highest price possible. I work in Orange and Riverside County and both counties are experiencing a shortage of homes driving up prices and bidding wars between investors and private homebuyers. Eventually when the prices rise high enough we will start to see the banks releasing some of their inventory again.  With the rise in prices private sellers will also once again be able to sell.  The market has definitely hit bottom here and will continue to regain momentum back to a normal market again. I predict very soon
May 10 2013

Another way to advertise

it is already listed with another agent
April 21 2008