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Help! Planing to buy a single or town home.


Now is a great time to buy (for so many reasons).I have done a lot of work in your area and would love to help you buy your first home!  We work with an amazing team of lenders, too.Just contact me and we can get started.  You can also check-out my website to see my testimonials.Thanks,Peggy Lyn SpeicherThe Speicher Team

i would like a property qoute


Bill,This would give you a very rough idea:, to get an accurate quote, we would need more information.If you would like our help, we would be glad to assist.Thanks,Peggy Lyn SpeicherThe Speicher Team

regarding my tax question......


Generally, when buying a home, the property tax (at least for the first few years) is based on a percentage of the purchase price of the home.  For example, if the property tax percentage is 3% and the home is purchased for $300K, the annual property tax would be $9K, or $750 per month.I hope that helps!