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    12/15/2012 - user537716
    Sold a home in 2008.

    My experience with knowing Andy for 33+years has been a experience of confidence in his knowledge and willing to go to the extra mile for a favorable outcome of selling your home and as well taking care of the fine details that need to be done. I had Andy sell my moms home when she passed, it was a very trying time in my life, Andy was very thoughtful, sensitive, professional and available at all times to talk and answer any questions I would have. I would recommend Andy to anyone that is selling, buying or for any other reason you may need to use his services.

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    11/30/2012 - user0824454
    Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $425K in El Cajon, CA.

    I've known Andy for 35+ years. Recommended him to numerous people and never heard anything but positive feedback.

    Andy Pheasant is the consummate professional.

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    11/20/2012 - user2427973
    Sold a home in 2009.

    I am forever greatful for Andy Pheasant. I did not have alot of knowledge in selling my condo in a short sale. Andy displayed confidence, experience, and knowledge. Unfornately I had to move out of state and left Andy to deal with all the extra paperwork and phone calls. He is amazing person and professional. I am extrememly greatful for him and his great staff in the closure of this sale. Thanks so much Andy.

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    11/04/2012 - user8433168
    Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $200K in Southwest, Chula Vista, CA.

    My brother and I were looking for an agent to assist us in selling our parent's home. Living in El Cajon, I've seen Andy's signs on many properties.

    Although our parent's home was in Chula Vista, we thought we'd give Andy a call to see if he could refer us to someone in the Chula Vista area. To our surprise, Andy informed us that he could assist us himself.

    After a few meetings and a quick visit to our parent's home in Chula Vista, the listing was posted. Andy told us that it could take a while, but we were in no rush. Within the first few days, Andy contacted us and told us that there were three parties interested in our parent's home. Once we had a true offer, Andy and his group assisted us throughout the selling process. They had everything ready and walked us through document signing and processing. If something was needed, they either welcomed us at their office or dropped by my residence, since I was close by. At no time, did my brother and I feel rushed, uninformed or lost in selling our parent's home.

    Our transaction was quick and easy. Andy made it hassle-free.

    For future real estate transactions, my brother and I will have no hesitation contacting Andy Pheasant and we will recommend him to family and friends.

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    11/01/2012 - user598937
    Sold a Single Family home in 2007 for approximately $400K in El Cajon, CA.

    Andy Pheasant is a man with not only realty expertise, but also a man with class. He facilitated both the purchase in 2003 and sale in 2007 of my home in El Cajon, CA. He and his staff stayed in constant communication with my wife and I especially during the 2007 sale as we had already relocated to Montana. The housing market was really suffering in the fall of 2007, but Andy remained positive and a buyer was found. In 2011, I contacted Andy to ask his advice on a realty related matter and he once again steered me in the right direction. Andy Pheasant is a very pleasant and honest realtor which can sometimes be hard to find in his occupation.

    Rob Van Gilder Eureka, MT

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    10/31/2012 - user4765709
    Sold a home in 2011.

    Andy stepped in when I had to navigate a tough situation. He focused on the sale and was an advocate for making it happen. I am forever grateful for his expertise and dedication. I would highly recommend him and his team. Thank you!

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    10/29/2012 - user5726414
    Sold a home in 2012.

    Andy was the best! Both he and his staff were always available for any questions or concerns that I had. He is very professional, but always explained everything in a manner that was easy for me to understand. I will always recommend him to anyone that needs a professional agent that knows how to get results.

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    10/29/2012 - user8210540
    Sold a home in 2001.

    I met Andy many years ago, when he rented out my mother's home, and managed the rental house, then Andy sold my mother's home years later. During this process I was in touch with Andy and started a business relationship.

    Years later Andy sold our house in Santee and found land for us in Jamul. (I know I can trust Andy)

    I have referred Andy to many people thru out the years, and he has sold and found many homes thruout the years for many of my friends.

    In fact Andy and his staff is looking for property for a friend of ours at this time. They also want to built there home

    Thank You

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    10/28/2012 - user0248770
    Sold a home in 2010.

    Andy was a tremendous help in walking me through all the steps that were necessary in completing the sale on my home. Andy got me the best price I could of asked for in this difficult economy and used all of his years of experience and education in real estate to ensure that I was not being taken advantage of by banks or other agents. I have recommended Andy to all of my family and friends and look forward to working with him in the future.

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    10/28/2012 - user4864459
    Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $300K in El Cajon, CA.

    I used Andy Pheasant in the sale of the home of a deceased relative whose estate I was the executor of. Andy worked hard to make the listing and sale of this property as pleasant an experience as possible. His knowledge of the special requirements of this sale was very helpful. His familiarity with the area was a big plus and I feel contributed to the sale of the property. I found Andy to be hard working, honest, no nonsense individual who kept my best interest in mind. I never felt pressured about the sale and was pleased with the way he represented me during our association. His staff was knowledgeable and courteous as well. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

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