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Pheobe Tang wrote:

where do I start if I am looking for my first house ?

Hi Amy, My name is Pheobe Tang, I am Realtor in San Diego with Dyjero Realty. I hear you about buying your first house. You probably have so many questions in your mind and probably totally confused too. I can break down the steps here what you will need to do when you want to buy your first house:1. You need to get pre-approved from the bank or direct lenders. Usually direct lender is better because they will contact to all the banks out there for you to see who can give you best interest rate. The pre-approval will tell you how much you can purchase up to and what interest rate you will be getting for buying your home.2. You will need to have a Realtor to list you homes with what your best interest in terms of locations, house size, how many rooms that you want in your house, etc. Trust me it will save you so much time to have a Realtor. They have the most accurate information about what active on the Market. 3. Last but not least is find your dream home and make it come true. That is pretty much, Amy.  [self promotion deleted by Zillow moderator Please see our good Neighbor Policy for posting guidelines].Good luck,Pheobe[removed by Zillow Moderator]
July 10 2013