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FHA and Homeowners Insurance


In Pa. your Homeowners and Taxes are rolled in your mortgage payment a escrow will be set up at closing.

Anyone have advice for FSBO to Realtor.


Hello,   I think its the same reason why you didn't list with a Realtor in the first  place the commission but now since you have not sold, You are thinking about listing and now the price is going higher? When you comp home to sell were you basing on Sold homes in your area? And 9 lookers in three weeks is not bad if they were serious buyers. Not knowing your area you might be on the high side now. Call a Realtor to do a CMA for you see where they come in at, Then sit down and look at the commission, How much did you all ready spend? How much time did you all ready put into doing a FSBO ? Are you still paying a mortgage ? Taxes? Upkeep on Home. Each month you are spending money, and that could be going toward a commission .So its up to you either way what I am trying to say is you are paying weather it be in mortgage ,taxes, upkeep. Or a commission  the choice is yours. Just keep in mind if you don't sell we don't get paid either for any work we do at that point nobody wins:(( 

What are my options if appraisal is low?


If you are all  ready started the process with the lender and it comes in low   your lender can first ask to be reveiwed again.Or if its just little from what you need it to be maybe you can do a few changes to bring that number up few thousand.Paint goes a long way.Im sure someone can make few recommendations to you.Good Luck

should I do a extensive addition on my ranch?


Hello,First have you checked into a construction loan,And have you checked to make sure your first floor can hold a second floor.Also a bank will have someone come out and look at your home and ad up what you want to do make sure its worth it.But will your home be worth that when you are ready to sell that's anyone's guess.Look in our own area now what are homes going for?Then ad the updates in look and see what the homes are going for in that price.Do you know what your home is worth now?Talk to a Agent in your area they will be able to guide you on what and how the market is in your area.Hope that helped a little.

how can I find out what my home is worth?


I agree with shawnspaw,We can even give you ideals on how to make your home show better!! Painting goes a long way,And less is more in Real Estate.So call a Realtor.