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ASHI Certified, Building Science Ce (24 years experience)

Energy Audits/ Meth/Radon/Water


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Home Inspection?

This sounds like a nice home. Are there any hidden safety and function issues that might delay or inhibit the home?s sale? Did you know a professional Pre-sale Home Inspection could help prepare and position the home for a successful sale? Based on the size and age this home could be professionally inspected for $260.00.

Real Estate Professionals where are you from?


Good Morning LOCATION: Loveland, COFOCUS:  Professional Home & Building Inspections, Energy Audits, Radon Testing, Infrared Thermal Imaging Moisture Investigations, Meth Contamination Screening Market Outlook: Mixed - BAsed on my business and poin of view, we've been in a down market longer than most the nation.  Fortunately our down wasn't as far down as most.  We had been moving out in a positive direction up until the begining of October and the economic bailout focus.  No it seems we are on a wait and see, cautious hold pattern.    Regional jobs opportunities and outlook along with cost of living seem to be helping us relative to other regions. Best wishes to all, persevere and keep looking for those opportunites.Jon RudolphI.D. Property Inspections, Inc.[content removed by moderator for being self promotional]