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AJ (Abhijit Leekha) wrote:

why isn't my house shown

whats your address?
August 10 2011

house not listed?

yeah.. our MLS is designed to be associated with Zillow.. use what Mya said.. create an account on .. make a flyer with your information on the home.. and zillow will automatically pick it upa lot of home buyers do view the site on zillow.. and .. tell your agent to step it up.. putting a sign and listing on the MLS is not the only job of a listing agent.. home needs to be on zillow.. trulia.. .. etc etc.. list goes on.. its the summer months.. gotta get it sold now.. don't wait till the winter!!!!!!!
June 14 2011
Need a short sale listing agent in Houston Area.
I know someone that is ready to do a short sale in the Houston, Texas area. If you have experience, please email me your information with at least 2 addresses where you were the listing agent and you closed on a short sale in the last 6-9 months and i will forward your information on to the seller.He has a legitimate hardship and is ready to let it go ASAP. Seller will be easy to work with.Please only reply or contact me if you know how to handle a short sale, put together a package, push the seller in the correct fashion to complete and keep updating the paperwork etc.
April 28 2011
why i dont see my new listing , and the old listing has the wrong address with the wrong details
my new listing is 126 monarch dr with the diff .price.
April 05 2011

Opinion on National Debt and Home values and Mortgage Rates

rates obviously will go up.. they HAVE to go up.. for things to stabilize.. artificially low interest rates do a lot of harmdebt will go up HIGHER.. we all know that :) .. no crystal ball needed for that one.. in the time it took for me to write this.. it already went up by quite a lot.. probably my yearly income!right now 25% of the homes are underwater.. it will not be drastic to expect 30-40% of the homes being underwater before things get better.
March 09 2011

If I pay for my rentals contraction is it taxable?

are you buying them under the corporation name that is going to take the expenses as deduction? the income would also perhaps need to be taken under the same account.of course.. talk with an accountant before purchasing anything. will there be a loan involved? etc etc.. lots of questions.get a good accountant... it will change your life. !
February 16 2011

how do i find the value of my home?

contact agents and have them do a CMAbest way to find the value. Also make sure to ask for closed comps.
February 15 2011

What disqualifies a house from being approved for a 203k?

most realtors dont want you to get FHA 203k cuz it is time consuming and it is a little challenging. also, there are some costs involved in the bid process that are higher. any house can technically qualify for fha 203k.. provided there aren't association bylaws etc that forbid a FHA loan. you can buy a house for 1$ and get a FHA loan on it.. the affordability comes from your individual buy a home for 50k, spend 30k fixing it. 80k total price. 3.5% of that is all you need get a FHA loan, make sure you have a knowledgeable and patient realtor and a lender.. the loan is not for everybody.. but it is a great product and one that should be used much more frequently to offset repair costs etc... specially when its all rolled into your mortgage.
February 07 2011

I have listings that I would like the zestimate not to show up on. How can they be removed?

are you kidding me? zestimate is zillow's pride and brand..i have clients call me and say.. my CMA is completely incorrect.. cuz "Zestimate" is saying something else.-_-
February 06 2011