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how long do I have to pay PMI


I would continue to pay the PMI for the first year, after that if you pay for an appraisal, and establish the 20% equity requirement and prove your case, then lender will remove the PMI. Note that in order for you to do must provide a letter to your lender asking that you would like them to consider this proposition.



You need a real estate professional to list your home on an MLS. You may also list your property with a "Limited Service Agency" who will offer your home on the MLS.

How long does it take for a home appraisal


Let the lender select the appraiser. Once you have initiated your loan process, it usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete the appraisal, depending on your area and how busy the market may be at that time.

Home inspection


Always get a Home Inspection. Does not cost a lot of money, and then you know what priorities you will need to tackle first. 

price my home


Ask a local Realtor who works in that neighborhood to provide you with a market analysis for your home.

High HOA Delinquiency


You might want to find a lender that will do a portfolio loan. (A lender that will keep the loan in house rather than sell the loan) Check with a small regional bank or community bank.

Agents Using Mobile Devices to Take Pictures


I prefer using a digital camera, but sometimes I just use my smart phone. These smart phones have amazing features built in with an 8MP resolution. When you take a photo, it also has a larger screen to display the picture capture. In my opinion, these new phones are as good as  the "point & shoot" digital cameras.