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04/29/2011 - JustPlainDave
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $225K in Rahway, NJ.

When my wife and I started our buying process, we tried a few agents from various real-estate companies. Many of them made it very clear that they were in it only for the sale. We found ourselves rarely having our calls returned and when they were, it was simply to hear another sales pitch on why we needed to hurry up and buy. My wife and I fell in love with the first property that we found and it was Linda who said "Keep Looking". Linda wouldn't let us settle and we are so thankful that we didn't.

Since meeting Linda, my wife and I can not imagine buying a home without her. Linda has focused all of her attention on finding us OUR home and not just a house to live in. But that's only the begining. Linda has carried us through so many circumstances that most home owners aren't even aware of. Linda was with me in the pouring rain to meet the inspector. Oh, and I am so thankful for Linda going to Home Depot with my wife and me to help us pick out appliances.

Hanging out with Linda has not only been an amazing experience but it has been a learning experience aswell. Linda has coached us on problems to identify in a home and more importantly essential tools that we needed to maintain our property. As new homeowners, there are a lot of things that my wife and I didn't know.

Linda is responsive and friendly and we can tell that when she gives us advise, it's not to just hear herself talk. Linda has enough knowledge to sucessfully manage many aspects of home remodling and design. She's also very versed in many areas of home care.

I am certain that long after we close, we'll still be calling Linda for helpful advice.

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