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Your home for sale


Owner is moving to California for a new job. She needs to be there by February 2008.The sign has been taken off the property during the holidays but it can be shown by contacting me via email or telephone...503-780-7145.


You do not have an area for withdrawals...these are listings that are temporarily taken off the over the Holidays but are not expired..AND Still under contract with the listing broker. Getting a note back from you saying that i am no longer representing the seller after i take a listing off your sight unsold is inaccurate. YOu need to learn a bit more about the RMLS system of our area... Portland, OR.

Your home for sale


Hi Fred,I am representing the seller and sold her this home in June of last year when she moved here from California. She has made many updates to the home... wood blinds, AC,ceiling fan in LR, gas firplace, new quality refrigerator , new deck, and backyard landscape with terraced flower area. There is a 2-10 year warranty and she has extended the 2 year part by paying $20 a month and is offering to pay a year at closing for the buyer. it is still under the 10 year part and the $20 a month is paying for the 2 year coverage items to continue.There have been two very clean animals in the property- dogs. There is no pet smell and i have a sensitive nose.No one has ever smoked in the house.The RR tracks are not a seller said she heard it a time or two and doesn't even know when it goes by now.. it does run at night sometimes and during the day once or twice..very slowly. The lot in back is much larger than the other homes on side streets and here you have a cool view of the park from the master upstairs and you see the trees in the back ground on the main level. Also the street ends in a cul-de-sac so gets less traffic than other streets. It has a nice little park area at the end of the cul-de-sac. It is in like new condition, as only one person lives there.My name is Jennifer Shetler and my sign is on the property.My cell number is 503-780-7145 and would be happy to show it to you sometime on Thursday if you would like to give me call to coordinate a time. Sincerely, Jennifer