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What is the average return on a pool?


My appraiser allowed for $5,000. A far cry from the $25,000 for the pool , patio etc. If you are looking for a return on investment spen the money on the home and update fixtures/Landscaping. A pool is a personal preference. You may find a buyer that has to have a poll. The majority of buyers are looking for must haves such as a garage and bedrooms. 

We are comtemplating whether to sell our home now or wait till the housing market improves?


My feelings are you need to make a descision that is in the best financial sense for your family at this time. If you feel that the current market value for your home is sufficent and you will feel satified why not sell now providing the equity you have in your home and accounts will give you enough to build your dream home? You may never be able to make the land purchase in the future if prices go up and the inventory rises you may be stuck trying to sell that home while the land is gobbled up by other buyers. On the other hand if you have the cash why not buy the land now while the prices are down?  Then use equity from your home providing you can afford the paymentto build your dream home. Once complete sell the old residence.



wow ok..well good luck your about 450k to high. So I can assume that you are not very serious about selling this then.


WOW Zillow is estimating this at $494k sale price. What does this home come with an extra lot?? maybe a yacht? Please let me know.