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03/20/2014 - stacimail
Property managed a home I own. West Fargo, ND
Want to rent your property out? DON'T go with these guys!!! The owner came to our home, outlined the pricing and what they'd do for us, everything seemed great at first. That is, with the exception of him refusing to address me, the wife, who was the main person getting this set up and the person e would have communication with in the future.

We then went to their office to sign paperwork and decided on extra advertising for around $90 because it was getting late in the summer. I distinctly remember again the owner's refusal to deal with me and instead addressing my husband as if I wasn't there.

A month later, nothing, not rented and no applications. I emailed, no response. Called, never got a call back. My husband called and finally got through. He was told people were calling and were interested but just not rented yet because they wanted to ensure we had a good renter.

I decided to run over to our property to check on it, and couldn't believe it. No one had been there, not even once!! The shampooed carpet had not one mark on it.

I decided at that point to see how our advertising was going. Looked on, apartments-hq, the in-forum, craigslist. Not even ONE had our property for rent on it. They did have it on their own website with no details, no pictures, bare minimum 3bed/2bath.

At that point we decided to cancel our deal with RKAK. We had no contract and clearly they weren't doing their job.

We called and they said they "had someone great that was going to put in a rental application today but if you want to cancel"...yes. Yes we do.

We placed an ad on Craigslist and had wonderful renters in within a week, paperwork signed and keys handed over.

We were lied to every single step of the way with this company. We were brushed off when concerned and lost two full months of potential rent. The business owner has a serious problem with women and will not address us if a man is present. I'm not a feminist by any means but this was the worst treatment I've ever experienced as a woman.

They simply do not do the job, and then when cancelled they had the gall to keep our so-called advertising fee!! They didn't do a bit of advertising. Also, they still have a set of our keys and claim they do not. We will need to change locks.

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