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How do you search only price cuts?


I take it you are asking this question because you want a good deal. Some people will do a price reductions 2-5 times before they hit that magic number. Others, they never have to do a price reduction because the house was priced just right from the beginning. I tell my clients to focus on the house they like. Once they find the house, next, they put in an offer for the price they want. (I give them lots of facts so they know what to offer.) You never know what a seller will take. If you have two houses that are priced the same, one seller may only take full asking price and the other $10,000 less. That is why it is hard to focus on list price. You can ask a local real estate agent to set you up on an automated email list to get all the new homes and reduced properties with very detailed requirements. Best wishes!

How do I market my house to the Asian market


As an agent, we can't market homes to one ethnisity. I take it you are for sale by owner. Be careful not to discriminate against other ethnisities or you could get yourself into legal trouble. As long as you are marketing to all groups of people, you will be fine. Best wishes!

Zestimate is obviously off target


If you are doing for sale by owner, you can put this information in your description. A lot of buyers who aren't working with an agent think this number makes a difference when it doesn't.If you are working with an agent, no worries, all agents know Zestimate has nothing to do with true market value. If a buyer wants to put in an offer based on the Zestimate, the agent will point the buyer in the right direction. When an agent puts an offer in on your house, that agent will look at true comps.

is it ethical for a realtor to advise me that I am unlikely to sell my home using for sale by owner?


I'm sure you will get a lot of calls from agents. Keep their names and make notes of the agents who seem knowledgeable and hardworking. Tell them you will "consider" listing with them if they bring a serious buyer or offer them a larger % if they bring a buyer. Most agents/companies will require a 3-4% FSBO commission. Make sure you price your house to include this. Best wishes!

I need a house


I have a listing coming on the market in a month that meets this. What area are you looking for? Zillow won't let me put my number in the post, so I will try to be creative... 4/0/2/4/0/3/9/1/8/1.

Do I need a Buyer's Agent to buy a house?


No you don't, but I highly recommend it. Why wouldn't you? It doesn't cost anything to work with a buyer's agent. An agent has the time and knowledge. Who doesn't want free advice? You may want to find your own home, but still use an agent to help negotiate. The agent will do free research for you to make sure you are getting a good deal... or at least the good ones do that. Sure you can call the agent on the sign, but they have an invested interest in the seller. Thinking about FSBO? Think again. By law, an agent has to disclose problems with the home. A FSBO could lie to you and sell you an over priced home and say it is a good deal. The person could say a house down the street sold for a lot more, but that could be a lie or not a good comparable. Too much risk buying FSBO. If you want a good deal, go with an agent. I don't say this because I am an agent, but because I want to protect people. Always work with an agent :)Rachel TillerOmaha Real EstateNP Dodge[phone number deleted by Zillow moderator. Please see our Good Neighbor Policy for posting guidelines]