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Randy Thomas wrote:

I need help getting out of FHA loan

Like most loans their maybe exceptions to for a early exit.   My best advise is to put together all your docs and get face to face with a FHA lender,  I would be happy to refer you to a person I have worked with that really knows FHA inside and out. 
June 04 2011

Why do my rating not get posted and the listing I claim not come up under my listings?

Per the Zillow sales department they review every agent rating. This takes time and once approved your recommendation is approved it will be posted. Can take up to 10 days.
April 30 2011

Ripped, torn, missing screens?

A landlord who does not address the need of his tenants is moving in the wrong direction with his property.  I agree with Pasadenan that code enforcement may take care of this issue.  But the property management company may not be passing on your request.  I think you need to send a letter directly to the landlord outlining your requests and your discussions with the property management company.  This will get his attention very quickly.  You can find his address by going on line with the county recorders office in most counties.  By the way, congrants on the new baby!Randy ThomasBroker Cornerstone Real Estate Group
April 27 2011