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Ray Stevens

Confirmed Lender

Branch Manager (17 years experience)

Purchase Loan,
Mortgage Planning,
Conf, FHA, VA, Jumbo, USDA, HARP

Ratings & Reviews

Ray and his team were outstanding. They made the whole experience easy for me. He even got me a better rate than I requested. I would recommend Ray to anyone looking to get a mortgage.


04/02/2010 - rikwagner
Closed refinance loan. Bell Forest, VA 20112

Ray and his team were outstanding. They made the whole experience easy for me. He even got me a better rate than I requested. I would recommend Ray to anyone looking to get a mortgage.

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Response from Ray on 04/04/2010

Thanks Rik. I don't play games with rates. If the rates drop, you are entitled to a lower rate. I make the same so lowering the rate is painless for me. Honesty is very important part of my business and personal style.



04/16/2010 - ChuckFarrell
Closed refinance loan. Coral Ridge, Lazy Lake, FL 33305

Very professional - excellent service. Highly recommended. Beware of other brokers on Zillow who offer teaser rates only to increase their fees *after* you've submitted 100 documents. Ray doesn't work like that. He is completely legit and professional and his initial quote for my refinance mortgage was right on target.

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Response from Ray



04/13/2010 - 2whitewine
Closed refinance loan. Potomac Hills, Mc Lean, VA 22101

Ray responded immediately to my bid request and was also very quick and thorough in his follow-up. Rates and terms were exactly as promised and highly competitive. All in all, very professional and efficient in the entire refinance process with the gathering of information and the like, and the closing was extremely smooth. I would rate Ray's level of service at the very top and will definitely contact him again should we need another mortgage in the future.

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Response from Ray



04/16/2010 - butvinik
Closed refinance loan. Riverview, FL 33579

Over the past 10 years I have gone thru a handful of closings and refinances. This last one with Ray was the best. Ray was very helpful and professional from start to finish. Everything was done remotely and closing agent came to our home, can't be any more convenient than that. At first I tried to refinance with my current lender Citibank, it was horrible. Clearly Citi was not interested in giving me a better deal. Well, Citi, now you have nothing at all, serves you right for such service. Ray, on the other hand, went out of his way to find me the best loan possible, even better than I could find myself on Zillow and other sites. I highly recommend Ray to anyone who wants a perfect mortgage agent. Thanks Ray!

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Response from Ray



04/22/2010 - twashing
Closed refinance loan. Arbor Forest, Marietta, GA 30064

Ray and Carolina are true professionals. Unlike many brokers, Ray took the time to explain the underlying reasons why interest rates were changing. He sent me the historical trends and explained why the changes had happened. This helped me to make an educated decision on whether to lock my rates. The electronic process was simple and easy. He and Carolina kept me fully informed of the process and took care of those little issues that always come up. On top of making the process easy, Ray offered the most competitive rate anywhere. I highly recommend Ray Stevens for anyone considering a refi or an original loan.

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Response from Ray



04/28/2010 - sumit16
Closed refinance loan. Del Rio, Jacksonville, FL 32258

This was my second refinance effort. The first time i tried in May-2009 ended up in a sour state as i had a terrible experince with Vysta CU. I was somehow apprehensive about the lenders on zillow last time around, but that has completely changed now....thanks mainly to people like Ray Stevens. Let me start by stating that Ray offered me the best Interest Rate among the several places i shopped around which included all major banks, Credit Unions and many other lenders on Zillow. The entire process with Ray was smooth and transparent with no hidden stuffs. The paper work was done online and never had to snail-mail him anything. He is always willing to work and guide you, depending on your situation. The best gesture from Ray came when we crossed the 30 day locking period. Mind you the delay was from the bank as they needed some additional documents at the 11th hour. He swalloed the "rate lock extension" cost to keep me happy. Now, who does that ?.......Would also like to thank his team member Josh. He was amazing with his quick responses on each and every occasion. Finally i and my family would like to personally thank Ray and his team for helping us in refinacing our home. The savings each month would help us ride out this economic turmoil.

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Response from Ray



02/24/2010 - larry926463
Closed refinance loan. Four Seasons, FL 34109

Ray is a true PRO. Honest, smart, and thorough. Ray treated me better and with more integrity than any of the dozen loans I've had in the past. Ray has access to countless lenders and shops for the best rate. There were two situations in my loan that were complex. First, being self-employed, my processing was delayed and it caused an extension fee. Ray and his team got right to the source of the delay. They traced the paper trail and saw that there was shared blame. They ADMITTED their share of fault in the delay, so they split the additional fee with me. Anyone else would have said "tough". Secondly, when one of the quoted fees came in higher than on the good-faith estimate, Ray made up the difference himself - literally AFTER the closing, Ray sent me a personal check in the mail - and yes, it cleared. Again, who would do that? He doesn't play games! Ray also gave me a lot of guidance to my decision on whether to lock or float. He didn't tell me what to do, but he spent the time to explain everything to me. A straight-up loan originator to whom I would send my best friend for a loan because I know they'd be treated right. And to the person who gave Ray a "1", all I can say is....If Ray can't get you the loan, you probably don't deserve the loan!

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Response from Ray on 02/24/2010

Thank you Larry. My goal was your complete satisfaction. I am not going to let a few dollars get in the way of that.



03/04/2010 - SMU_Tony
Closed purchase loan. Clyde, Somerset, NJ 08873

I will not hesitate to come to Ray again for my financing need next time. Ray struck me with a few distinct traits: knowledge, patience, flexibility and big picture. He is a calm and confident advisor who assures that you are in the driver seat all the time - no pressure, good support and coaching when you have made a mistake. If you have any question please feel free to contact me at

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Response from Ray



09/02/2009 - jalbernas20
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Rockdale, Kendall, FL 33176

I did not close my loan but I was very happy with the attention and cost provided by Ray.

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Response from Ray



09/25/2009 - ingridlamb
Gave me a quote on Zillow, but it did not work out. Hunters Creek, FL 32837

We have been working with Ray for the last couple of months after we found out at the end of April 2009 that our landlord decided to not pay her mortgage and the house that we have been renting for the last two years is going into foreclosure. We found out because the court served us papers! What a horrible feeling! We have 4 children 3 or which attend either elementary or middle school. Now I have to find a place that can accommodate us all and still keep the kids in a good school. I knew my credit was in bad shape, however, my husband and I decided to investigate if we could purchase a home rather than rent again and end up in the same situation we are now. I submitted a request for a quote in Zilliow's website and received 8 quotes within 5 minutes. Ray offered us a very competitive interest rate and the best lender fee. I called Ray the same day in the afternoon and I can honestly say that Ray was very courteous and he dedicated his undivided attention to me. I didn't feel pressured or uncomfortable at all. Ray is very knowledgeable and he gave us a lot of information on what steps to take in the future regarding the foreclosure and the prospect of purchasing a home. In August 4th, Ray pulled our credit reports and as anticipated it did not look good, however, Ray went through the report over the telephone and told me which items are having a negative impact on my report and asked me to provide documentation on those items or contact the reporting agencies to get them corrected. Since then, I signed in with and have submitted documentation on credit items that were either duplicates, too old, or incorrect and have brought my credit score from 490 to 649 in 2 months! I just put an offer on a gorgeous 3,000 sq ft home and we are already getting the financing in line to close mid November. I have contacted my credit union, Bank of America, and Chase to compare rates and see if there are any weird items in the Good Faith Estimates and still Ray offers the best interest rate lender fees and even insurance rates out there! I am recommending Ray to anyone that is trying to purchase a home. I believe he is the most honest advice and best interest rate you will get. Thank you Ray.

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Response from Ray