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What happened to Tog of War and Pasadenan avatars? Perhaps there are others that are missing too?


@Dan - 1 Did zillow give warning to those posters that this was being done and suggestions on how to not violate those policies? (I know I can be told I did something wrong and have no clue what is being talked about without it being explained to me) I have seen Pasa post in regards to this.  Can't find the exact thread but he mentioned being warned by Z regarding his post on how to "remove" a Zestimate.

If I am selling my house and I change the listing price, why does it affect the Zestimate?


I've also noticed what Karina mentions and I agree that the Zestimate follows listing price pretty closely.  I would think this is because Zillow assumes a listing will be close to market value.  @Karina  - if people will create artificially high listings to boost the Zestimate then it just won't sell, not matter what the Zestimate is.  When the sale does take place, the Zestimate would then track the sale price.