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Replace furnace or not?


I would suggest replacing it in this market.  Asbestos will be a red flag for the buyer and inspector.  After the inspection the Buyer will most likely ask for a credit to remove the system and asbestos.  This credit will be higher than the actual cost - and if an appraiser hears about this credit then financing could be an issue.  It'll have to go - one way or the other.  Better to start out on a clean slate..

What is the approximate value of my property 535 South Main St Pascoag, RI 02859


I can have someone prepare a no obligation valuation for you this morning.  We can even email it to you if you so desire.Please contact me at 401 640 0807 or via email at  Visit my website at look forward to being of service.Happy Holidays!

Real Estate Professionals where are you from?


Rhode IslandWe have an office in Newport and in Wickford.  Newport county transaction volume is down 21% from last year and 07 was off by only 3% but 06 to 07 was down 21%.  So volume is nearly off by 50% from the highs.  Median values in Newport county are down by approximately 25% since the highs. Currently over 20 month supply of property, mostly due to lack of demand. South County RI isn't nearly as bad but still has an oversupply and lack of demand.  Metropolitan Providence is an absolute mess, but significant opportunities abound! Local market data on all towns in RI, CT and MA can be found on