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What do recent sales mean?


The simple answer recent sales should be sales that relevant to a sale or purchase .. the buyer drives the market and establishes a pattern of value  based on what the consumer is willing to pay for a product, and this falls within a window of 3 to 6 months, if there are no sales in that time period ,yet there is product available for sale. that information is relevant in itself.In my opinion :)Gene Shull, housedog

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If you are the buyer and you had a cap in mind for repairs and you explianed to your agent , the offer should have been included the language: Buyer will treat and or repair termite and moisture damage up to or not to exceed $1000.00. Or contract contingent on buyer obtaining satisfactory termite report.    Also depends on the State you live in, Never agree to an unknown unless you put in verbage " up to or not to exceed" And always ask  if the seller has any reports available,this is the best way to protect yourself from "Dirty pool"  In my opinion :) Gene Shull, Housedog