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Never buy a home w/o a home inspection

I have worked with buyers that find foreclosure properties that are "fixer uppers" and estimate work.  Have the home inspected by a professional.  Agents are not (most) trained to estimate repair cost or the condition of a home.  We should always recommend the buyer find a good home inspector.  Imagine if you found a great home at a great price and didn't realize the home needed foundation repair or a new roof. What about not getting a pest inspection and later notice that the homes has bed are serious here in MI and all homes should be inspected prior to purchase.

Investing for the first time

Thinking about purchasing a home with great value for rental income?  Find a stable area where the value of property has dropped but not quite as much as the overall market.  This area will likely be a great rental area and will provide a good return on your invested dollar prior to re-selling the home.  Determine what a property will rent for, take into account the monthly tax amount, rehab amount and the number of years you plan to keep the property for rental income.  Once you have close to your initial; investment returned to your account, re list the home for sale.  Try and focus on a property you can get most of your initial investment back in 5 years or less.

How can I get more people to look at my house for sale


Hi Debbie, I've read a lot of good feedback given to you.  One very important way to capture more attention is to send everyone in your email/cell address book your ad.  You let them know that if they are not interested, they may know someone that is interested in viewing your home.You'll be surprised who worksGood Luck!

Foreclosures in the Metro Detroit Area

Contrary to what was recently writtten in the news, the tri county area still has excellent value on forclosures purchases.  Most suburbs are now affordable to folks that once could only dream about purchasing a home in an up scale suburb.  I am still emphasising the importance of location to buyers and finding my clients homes with equity.

What's the best way to find a buyer's agent in my area (Howell, Mi)?


Finding a buyer's agent shouldn't be based on their title, 3 letter designation or any other certification.  Do what you would do when looking for schools, contractors or any other potential business venture.Write down questions and begin making calls.  Zilllow clearly has some excellent buyer's agents as I have brokered many transactions with folks on this site.  If they thoroughly answer your questions and you feel comfortable, give them a try.  Always remember you should not have to pay anything for a consultation.  Consultations should be free.Dave

Buyer Agent Problems


Hi Christine, you should have a written buyer's agent contract with A or B.  If you don't have a contract consider who provideed you with the approriate service, was helpful and is the reason why you are placing an offer.  I'm sure you'll make the right decision.Dave JohnsonKeller Williams Realty Detroit[contact info removed by moderator]