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What type of Purchase Loans (REO) are available if water will not be turned on by bank?


HI Matt, I see you were able to find someone to work with...that's great and you are right that Hubzu auction site is not your typical REO transaction. I just closed on one with them and am not use to not being able to negotiate!  The lender we used was PMAC. You should let them know up front and give the appraiser your results from the pressure test and they will make an exception.  Best of luck! Karen

Back up offer


A back-up offer is just that...a back-up in case the first offer falls apart then the second offer or the next best offer (if more than one back-up) is next in line. To make a back-up offer means you are waiting to see what happens with the first offer while tying up your deposit money and time. You know more about this property and if it's worth it or not. If this is a short sale then it may be more time involved. If they will accept offers up until a particular date then you need to know if they are taking offers by a first come bases or by best price and terms.  If you still want to make an offer then make your highest offer and hope for the best or, worst for the first buyer!

Is 6% seller consessions an issue when doing an FHA mortgate


Is there anyway you can revise the P&S and deduct the seller credit from the price of the home instead? If its not too late in the process and since the net to the seller will remain the same, ask your attorney to adjust the sale price, this way you don't have to deal with the underwriters approval.You mentioned something about costs you've already spent ( the application fee) these fees you've paid upfront will be reflected on your settlement statement (HUD) and should add up correctly. If you think there is a mistake on the loan amount ask your mortgage consultant or your attorney to confirm the amount. Check you GFE and compare the two.

Is there a plot plan available for this property?


Yes, go to town of Saugus website, click for residents and the assessment property card will come up, click summary page and you can print or save it to your computer. If you are buying a home and are using a buyer's agent; this is something your agent will do for you. If plans, permits, etc. aren't available on line you can always go to the town hall to view...these files are public.Karen FerroRealtor