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Does the fee for the realtors get paid by the seller? & are these fees normal for a sell?


Your agent is your employee and works for you to get the sale done and has duty to look after your best interest. You most likely agreed to pay your agent the 6% when you hired him/her whether he/she is co-operating with another agent or not. All other items are normal and reasonable with the exception of Title inurance. Some sellers agree to pay for the Buy's Title Insurance as well as home warranty. Take a look at the purchase contact and see what you have agreed to pay.Goos Luck

Is this the bottom?


These are zip codes for the best part of long beach, and I do not think it does get affected very much as other parts of long beach. I think the Bottom could vary from one part of the city to another. The prices for these zip codes are right and the interest rate are similar to the interest rate when the gallon of gas was 99 cents. The bottom line, this is the buyer's market. I hope you agee with me.

do i have to pay an agent if i buy a foreclosure (multiple units)? what should the costs be if so?


It depends on your agreement with your agent. You may hire an agent to work for you and gets paid by any of the followings:1- Paid by the Seller only.2- Paid by the Buyer only.3- Paid by both Seller and Buyer.    Most likely Buyer agents do not get paid by the seller in Foreclosure sale or do not get paid enough for thier work. Then they get into agreement to be paid by the buyer even partially.   Keep everything in writting and make sure your agents get paid one way or another. Your agents is there for you and as they have duties to you, they also have obligations to meet. It is not fair that you hire an agent without pay. Do You Agree?God Bless you

Getting a divorce ... needing to buy a new home, but how?


I believe that divorce is enough hardship to qualify you to one of the Home Retention Programs especialy Loan Modification. Moving out of your home with 4 small kids after a divorce is an easy matter. If you modify the loan you will get a payment you can afford, and I also believe the father will be happy to see his kids in the same home and he should do his best to help in this matter. Do not panic or get stressed out and ask for all the help you can get for your kids. 

Wrong address


You are Correct, when you type your address you get this message: No matching homes found; showing homes in the region you searched. Add it to our database by  POSTING FOR SALE , POSTING FOR RENT, or setting a MAKE ME MOVE® price.What you can do is click on Make Me Move, because you can do this for free and set your price. This way you get your home in the database. I do not think you can claim your home before you get it to the database. Good Luck