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I need help in finding the Listing option on My Zillow page!


Hi, I'm not familiar with the "Listing" button within Zillow.  Are you looking to list your home in Loma Linda?Feel free to give me a call and I'll help as best i can.  My cell# is (909) 648-4091.Lon MapesBroker/OwnerOrangehill RealtyRedlands & Loma Linda ExpertsLon@OrangehillRealty.,

How do I find what my home is worth


You can ask a Realtor to run a comparabtive market analysis report (commonly known as a CMA) for you.  Let me know if you like assistance.Lon Mapes [links removed by moderator]

What will you sell it for?


I believe it will sell for between $665,000 and $675,000.Lon Mapes, Owner/Broker[links removed by moderator]

when was this house lpurchased/


I checked MLS and this home does not show up at all -- either past closings or active.  I then checked the tax records and it shows the last sale of this home was 12/22/2000 for $296,000.Lon Mapes, Owner/Broker[content removed by moderator]

Is that price for real, or is it a typo?


Hi cnslr,This "FOR SALE" price of $1,350 is actually the "FOR LEASE" price.  Sometimes this error occurs when Zillow is importing listing data from MLS sources.Boy, that would be a great sales price!