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Cartus? Anyone with experience working with them?

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Just getting started. Seem helpful..however, not crazy about the restrictions on commission structure. Will not allow more than 5% commission and initially wanted 40% of the Listing Realtors commission - which will have to be reduced to 2% due to the 5% cap. Do the math...makes it very difficult to market. Relo Listings take a LOT of extra paper pushing. Listing is for a past client and good friend so I have agreed...but not likely to repeat. May be a better option for new Realtors or those with sporadic business..but not for me. Good Luck!

Do I really need a realtor if I'm buying a home from someone we know?


There are exhaustive reasons, on both sides, as to the pros and cons of using a Licensed no point fanning the flames here. What I will add is this: in my experience, Buyer's who do not have representation, often learn when they go to resell the property, that they overpaid when they purchased. Homeowners (Realtor Homeowners included) have an emotional and financial attachment to the property and often that manifests in an overpriced Listing. It's difficult enough to find common ground between what a seller wants for their home and what  buyer is wiling to pay - now add to that, two "friends" working this out. Tax accessor data and even "Zestimates" do not always adequately "comp" properties, nor do they approach valuation the way an appraiser or a lender will/does. This is a complicated and theoretically based approach that baffles even most Real Estate Professionals at times. As a Realtor, I approach my Buyer's purchase "holistically" - not only am I invested in their getting the best value for their money and the home they want but I'm also considering, "Can I sell this for you without you losing your shirt if you discover you need to MOVE in 2 years for whatever reason". Disclosure issues, insight into possible nightmarish repair issues, and the long list of bumps and issues that regularly occur during a sales transaction as just some of the reasons to consider using a Realtor. Sadly, many uninformed consumers continually comment about the "fee" as if we're all feckless, money-grubbing scam-artists providing a useless and unnecessary service. I challenge the unknowing consumer who opted NOT to use a professional and had a miserable, costly experience because details and significant issues were not uncovered and see if they'd do it same way if given a chance.  And by the way, buyers should never or rarely pay the Realtor Fee. Most are ethical, extremely hard-working, highly trained and strive to meet or exceed industry standards and, like any business professional, deserve to be compensated for a job well done.

Why doesn't ZIllow reflect the price drop on a property?


From what I've noticed, the listing agent has to manually stay up on edits  to the listing. Because edits must match up with the data on the corresponding MLS system, sometimes there is a delay due to Zillow's verification process. For now, I notice that it's just a little slower on the uptake. This has been my experience. I'm open to other input...because this is a really good question. We all know how time sensitive this business is;  a consumer who is diligently watching/waiting for a property to undergo a price adjustment and depending on their online resource for real-time notice can miss "it". Not good.