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Should I pay down my mortgage to qualify for refi?


Did you try to see if there is a refinance program with out a appraisal? I am applying for a streamline refinance that changes only the interest rate so there is no appraisal. It depends what kinda loan you currently have

Seeking USDA streamline lender Raleigh area

I have USDA loan and am seeking streamline  ONLY--  I am not interested in anyother kind of loan or refi package. I read the USDA site and I am pretty sure I qualify for it. I would prefer a local Raleigh/Fuquay Varina Area lender. ( i want to be able to acutally meet the lender I am tired of phone call & email hockey)

No Zestimate

No zestimate at all for my house. Is it because we bought in 2009 ( too recent) I updated & claimed the house already -- thanks

Paver driveway or concrete?


Which ever you don't mind doing taking care of. Nothing is worse than uneven/cracks or weeds in the driveway. What does your house look like?  

Tips for selecting a home


Try sitting down with your agent and searching the MLS or online together. It has really helped me and my cleints stay on the same page. Sometimes, especially for first time buyers it may be hard to explain what you want & need.  Searching together is a great way to see your choices and talk about your wish list.