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How do I import contacts from Zillow into RealtyJuggler?

Hello all,I heard that there was a way to directly import or link your Zillow account contacts/ leads/ prospects into your RealtyJuggler account because the programs are partnered. I can't seem to find the appropriate settings to perform this task using RealtyJuggler and I haven't found anything on Zillow. Does anyone know how to do this or point me in the right direction? Thank you! 

Equity Loan to improve this home???


Hi, take a personal loan from the bank.  If you're not eligible due to your credit circumstances, then try a hard money lender that will lend money based on the value of the home.  This could be an expensive option though, much more expensive than conventional/traditional financing.  It's worth it to establish some credit!  Good luck!

Where to find short term / weekly / vacation rentals

Answer is an excellent resource and safer to use than Craigslist as the owners posting on the site have been verified.  There are also reviews from prior vacationers on the homes you may be interested in.

The house we rent is going to auction tomorrow. What happens next? and how long do we have? SD, CA.


It depends on who ends up with the property after the auction.  If no bids are made, then it reverts back to the bank.  The bank will then likely send a representative (local Realtor) to make contact with you and any occupants. Cooperate with that person and the bank will provide you options and relocation assistance.  If an investor buyer obtains it at the auction, negotiate a relocation settlement with them directly.  In both cases, it helps to have a copy of your current lease especially if you have time remaining on the lease contract.  Also, be mindful...nobody can forcefully remove you or lock you out from the property, you still have rights.