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09/15/2014 - dinorahperalta
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $275K in Haverhill, MA.

We have worked with other realtors in the past, and it is necessary to say that Rich Rosa both surpassed and exceeded our expectations. He was always professional and courteous, and he was always a phone call or email away. His communication skills are excellent, as he is clear and honest. Whenever he wasn't available, he had his business partner David Kres tend to our needs, and he too, was efficient and great to work with. Anytime we wanted to see a house, RIch was available, even if we wanted to see the same house twice. He pointed things out during house showings that would have escaped me (electrical work, gutters, etc.), so his knowledge base is very in-depth, and he wants his clients to make an informed decision. Without a doubt, our best interest was his priority. He didn't impose his opinion on us, but when we did ask, he was honest and straightforward. As everyone knows, purchasing a home can be very stressful and emotionally overwhelming, but Rich had a way of always helping us maintain a positive perspective, yet he was realistic about outcomes from making an offer to closing on a house. In the end, it all worked out well, and now we are in our new home! We highly recommend Rich Rosa and Buyers Brokers Only!!!

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05/12/2014 - bradleyfa
Bought a home in 2014 in Riverside, Haverhill, MA 01830.

We contacted Rich Rosa at Buyers Brokers LLC, in 2011 when we were initially going to relocate from GA to MA....We met he was wonderful, professional and listened to our needs and wishes,showed us some rental properties...Well relocation was postponed...

Rich and his office kept me updated on properties as our needs changed from renting to buying.. and our locations also changed .....

Rich is very knowledgeable, professional,patient and he has good sense of humor. You know he is working for you Rich is great, he helped us find and close on the perfect home! Excellent!!! Thank You Rich !

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10/07/2013 - user6590051
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $325K in East Boston, Boston, MA.

We were very happy with our experience with Rich from Bayers Brokers Only. From the beginning, Rich was very professional, organised, and available to meet our every need. He walked us through the process of buying our first home, and answered any questions we had along the way. We would be happy to recommend Buyers Brokers Only to anyone looking to purchase a property.

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07/18/2013 - user8367162
Bought a home in 2013 in South Byfield, MA 01922.

Cannot say enough about how great it was to work with Rich Rosa of Buyers Brokers Only, LLC throughout the process of finding and negotiating the purchase of our first home. My husband and I had recently relocated from out of state for his job transfer to Logan Airport, and were unfamiliar with many of the towns around Boston that might satisfy our various and sometimes divergent lifestyle requirements. Rich answered emails in the hundreds (seriously) over the course of 8 months and accommodated my husband's insane work schedule, often fitting our showings into his own busy schedule with very short notice, and always with good humor. He quickly understood the differences in my husband and my search priorities, mine being location, my husband's being home age and condition as well as commute time, kept them in mind always, steered us away from homes or towns that clearly conflicted with one set of preferences or the other, and steered us toward areas that were sometimes unfamiliar and far afield but which met both our criteria perfectly.

On home tours Rich walked with an observant and technical eye, analyzed potential short term and future expenses, and was able to detect warning signs of issues that might require more extensive repair or require an inspection by a structural engineer. He was also great at suggesting simple upgrade or renovation options, knew home systems well, and was knowledgeable regarding local costs. Rich's company, Buyers Brokers Only, provides a website that is very educational with many articles and resources to assist homebuyers, and Rich can provide, if needed, a compiled list of local banks, loan officers, brokers and P&S/closing attorneys who had been highly recommended by satisfied clients. Although all the agents at BBO are attorneys, the company reimburses clients an amount at closing, based on the purchase price of the home, to encourage clients to hire real estate attorneys to complete the Purchase and Sale agreement during the process. While an agent cannot double as your attorney, the legal and industry knowledge Rich brought to our house hunt was invaluable.

It is important to understand that Rich's service style is to encourage clients to make use of free subscription online real estate search engines, including the MLS listing service from his own Buyer's Brokers Only website, and to conduct online searches for properties to tour with him. Rich then arranges the tours of whichever homes the clients wish to see, and does all the rest that any agent will do for clients. This worked perfectly for us, since we did not have a lot of time to waste looking at homes that a traditional agent might guess would meet our tastes, or might be above budget, and we had no trouble finding homes to tour. Rich did on occasion, however, shoot us some listings he felt might interest us, and, as mentioned, steered us to different locales that he thought would be a good match. Most important to us, Rich's extensive expert trade knowledge of the local real estate market extended to towns and neighborhoods that covered a very wide area of Boston metro, metro-west, and north as far up as the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border including the north shore town where we finally settled. His stand-out talent for negotiating really revealed to us the value of having an attorney as our real estate agent. The fact that the offer on our current home was accepted despite a similar cash offer made at the same time, had to do with the fast, professional, and efficient way in which Rich handled the offer negotiation with the seller's agent. It reassured the sellers that the deal would go through. This info came directly from the seller's agent during our inspection.

On top of all this, Rich is a really nice guy. As older adults negotiating our first and potentially last home purchase, Rich had to deal with our less than flexible personalities, lack of home search and home-owning experience, two very different and sometimes conflicting sets of criteria, and one persistent information junky with constant questions and a picky over-analytical nature who writes overlong emails (guess who). He maintained a level of patience and friendly ease that was professional and remarkable. We searched from September until March, offered on five, got three, had to walk away from two based on problems Rich had discovered prior to, or were confirmed by, the inspection. The third is our perfect (for us) home in a great locale with a decent commute to Logan thanks to Rich. Moved in mid-June. Couldn't be happier. We highly recommend Rich Rosa, Dave Kres, and their attorney/agent associates at Buyers Brokers Only, LLC.

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11/10/2012 - jkdagata
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 in Haverhill, MA.

Rich was an excellent during our first home buying experience. Our home search took 1.5 years During this time, he was patient, non-pressure, and professional. He truly appreciate his knowledge and guidance around real estate and the law during this process.

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05/30/2012 - user0747411
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $350K in Haverhill, MA.

We met with several buyers agents that we found on the Massachusetts Association of Buyer Agents in order to decide who we wanted to work with, and were blown away by Rich from the very beginning. He was laid-back, no-pressure, incredibly knowledgeable, and has a business model that benefits the buyer in every possible way.

Unlike most buyers agents, they don't require you to sign an exclusivity contract so you don't run the risk of being stuck with someone you may not like for the next 6 months. They run on the model that if you like them, you will keep working with them. In addition, all buyer agents there are also lawyers, so they will take care of all the paperwork and advise you on the legal aspects of buying a home. As we started seeing homes, it was apparent that Rich is very experienced at the home buying process, as he gave us objective professional opinions and advice at every step. He answered all our questions very thoroughly, never made us feel like any of our questions were stupid (even when they probably were), and was incredibly knowledgeable about everything real estate related. He also has a no-pressure approach, and I never felt like he was trying to get us to buy something so he could move on the the next client. He was very patient, and seemed genuinely interested in making sure we found something we liked and that was a smart investment. I'd even call him a de facto home inspector, as he has been to so many home inspections that he can often point out things in homes that don't look right that you as a buyer may have never noticed. Once we found a home to purchase, they recommend good people to use for other things we needed to do, such as home inspectors, insurance agencies, and mortgage companies. They don't pressure you at all to use those companies, they just make sure you have a list of good people to work with if you don't have someone in mind already so that you don't end up with sub-par companies. And at the end of everything, it is all completely free to the buyer. Unlike some buyers agents that make the buyer pay the difference between their negotiated commission and their standard commission, you never pay anything to them throughout the entire process. Any home buyer should definitely use an exclusive buyers agent, and I highly recommend Buyers Brokers Only. I tried for a long time to try to think of anything that "needed improvement" on a survey they sent out, but I really couldn't think of anything. I strongly recommend any buyer in Eastern MA or Southern NH use Buyers Brokers Only to represent them.

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04/22/2011 - NicholasZweig
Bought a home in 2009 in Bradford, Haverhill, MA 01835.

If you're going to buy a home and do not have a home to sell this is absolutely your best resource in the area!!!

After hearing about the first home buyer's credit, I decided to look into the potential of buying. I had rented my entire life, partly to be mobile and partly because I never seem to have time for things like home repairs. I contacted Rich Rosa at Buyer's Brokers Only (BBO) and signed up for the MLS listings on their website. I explained that I was just toying with the idea of buying, that I wanted to do some research for a few months and that I would contact him if I decided to move forward. He passed along a few great resources and his contact info and told me to give him a shout when I was ready.

The first indication that I was not dealing with a 'car dealership' style of sales was the fact that he waited for me to give him a shout, which was months after our initial contact. At no point during the sales process did I ever feel that he was working for a commission. He was honest and shared things about properties that were negative, which in one case led me to decide not to make an offer on a place.

I found the place I wanted. I had set up a showing to compare it with another property actually but fell in love. Rich explained that it was a short-sale (which by the way is some bank's funny way of saying long-sale). He explained all of the problems with short-sales, things that could happen, the frequency of their closing being about 20%. But I had found the place I wanted!

I drove him crazy over the next few months, waiting, not hearing anything, not knowing anything. The lack of knowing anything had nothing to do with Rich, it was just that there were so many people involved that no one had a clue what was going on. Despite my continuous calling and demanding info, he stuck by me and was very patient (I would NEVER agree to be my broker).

The last explosion of events was when one of the seller's banks wanted one thing and another bank wanted another and I was put in a very difficult position and had to make an extremely difficult decision. Rich explained in great detail the legal problems, liabilities and options. He went to great lengths to warn me about potential conflicts of interest. At the end he reminded me that I was the one buying the home, and that he merely represented my interests and had no personal interest one way or another (aside from not wanting to see me get screwed that is).

When I turn the corner and walk into my new kitchen I still stop, take a breath and appreciate that I am a homeowner. I still check out the Buyer's Brokers Only MLS Listings on their website. Now that I've moved, we're in the same community. Not only do I highly recommend Rich but I highly doubt he would ever work with someone with a 'dealership' style sales approach; any agent at Buyer's Brokers Only is surely going to leave you extremely thankful you chose them.

Oh, one other thing to mention. After the closing Rich had encouraged me to file a Declaration of Homestead to protect my property (and gave me the paperwork to do so). Trying to move, paint, and deal with about a billion things I forgot to fill out the form, have it notarized and returned to Rich. Despite the fact that they had already made their commission and would gain absolutely NOTHING from me for filing the Declaration, Rich's business partner Dave emailed me another copy of the form and encouraged me to complete it and explained the legal benefits of having it filed. He also offered to file it in Salem for free (well I paid the $35 filing fee of course). My point is that they proved to me that they were not just after my money, rather they clearly care about their long-term business and act in a way that encourages their company's referral growth.

I have referred a number of people to BBO, one of which did actually purchase a home using their help. She told me she was blown away by the level of service and how detail oriented her agent was. She thanked me for the recommendation; you will too.

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01/14/2011 - Chiclet831
Bought a Multi Family home in 2007 for approximately $200K in Haverhill, MA.

Rich was fantastic through my whole home buying process. He was always there when I needed him. He was so accommodating. Whenever I had a question, he found the answer. We had a few complications with the selling agent and he was so helpful standing up for me. I wouldn't have bought my condo without his help.

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