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Question for inlaws.


Brenda I would be glad to refer you to a Real Estate Agent that lives in Vacaville and who is a local expert in the area who could partner with you and your family.While I am not an attorney, and I would advise your family to seek legal counsel. A real estate professional in the area will serve as a great advocate, and save you and your family money in legal fees. Meanwhile maybe this will help.If the buyer fails to complete the terms of the agreement, there may be forfeiture of the payments made. However, the buyer and seller may include terms in a contract for lease agreement for handling late payments to avoid forfeiture of the buyer's equity. The local real estate recorder's office should be contacted for information and policies for filing purchase contracts for rent to own homes.When the buyer's payment is past due on a land installment sales contract, the seller has the right to enforce the lease agreement. It will be a matter of determination for the court based on the facts in each purchase agreement. The court may either:Strictly uphold the terms of the agreement, making the buyer vacate the property, allowing forfeiture of the buyer/tenant's equity in the property.Declare the buyer in default, but give the buyer a deadline to cure the default and pay off the balance owed or vacate.

Remodeling my current home/ need advice


Sell Or Remodel: Which Is Right For You? 3 Things to Consider.Whether the initial love has faded, or your home just doesn't work for you and your family anymore, deciding between selling your home and remodeling can sometimes be a difficult decision.  So what should you consider before making the decision to ensure that you will be more satisfied with the end result than you are with your home now?What Is The Current Condition Of Your Home?If part of the reason your home isn't working for you or your family anymore is that several areas of the home need updating or improving, then you may want to reconsider selling your home.  Often an outdated kitchen and bathroom can have a considerable effect on the resale value of your home, and a renovation of these areas may be necessary anyway to get the maximum profit from your home.What Is It You Need From Your Home?If you are thinking of selling your home because its current size or the size of your property is no longer working for you, or if the area in which the house is located no longer serves the needs of your family, then selling your home is likely the best choice versus a remodel.  Renovations that add additional rooms can be a huge cost and inconvenience, and in most cases will not give you a good return for your investment.What Is Your Financial Situation?Another thing you need to consider before deciding whether to sell or remodel is your financial situation as well as the financial standing of your home.  If the recent downfall in the housing market has made the value of your home less than the outstanding balance of your mortgage, you will definitely not want to sell.  Also, if you are thinking of a remodel, you'll want to be sure it will not put a financial burden on you or your family.Overall, deciding on whether to sell or remodel depends on a number of factors, and contacting your local Realtor is always a great way to get the best advice for your particular situation. Inventory is currently very low and what your Realtor maybe really saying, is that you will only see pennies on the dollar for your investment, and with interest rates at an all time low you may miss out on what some analyst are calling the "perfect storm" as a buyer and a seller.