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I can't get any pictures for my Zillow listing


Hi Michael, You do not need to sign up through Facebook.  If you are the listing agent, you will want to go ahead and claim your listing.  If you have any trouble, contact Zillow and they will walk you through the process.Good luck!Richelle SzczygielBRE #01447519

Problems with short sale home after the inspection but before closing!


I would suggest finding out what it is going to cost to fix the plumbing issues.  Then go back to the bank for a price reduction as many Short Sale Sellers do not have the funds available to fix or repair items.  If you continue with the escrow and close on the home, you inherit the plumbing issues.  It does look like this will hold up closing until all parties come to an agreement.  I wish you the best of luck!  

Is foreign national working full time on OPT eligible to apply for home loan?


There is a possibility of you qualifying for a loan but we really need a lot more information.Most important factors and questions will be:How long your visa is approved for?  Do you have an employment contract in place? If so, when does it expire? What are your plans after the Visa or are you in the process of any other applications? Do you have any credit history in the US established?Have you applied for an HB-1 visa or have sponsor for such?There are loans for Foreign Nationals that require about 40% down.I would be happy to speak with you further and get you in touch with my expert in this area. Please contact me at...Richelle SzczygielBRE

Jumbo Portfolio with 640 FICO / $1.1M Loan / 20%+ down


Greetings,A Lender that I work with has this to say regarding your question. Please call me, so I may put you in contact with her for more information.Thank you,Richelle Szczygiel[Spam removed by Zillow moderator. See Good Neighbor Policy.]The fico is below the required fico to qualify for this size loan amount. However, we can evaluate the credit and make immediate recommendations for score improvement in just moments. If the suggestions for immediate repair are reasonable we can do what is called a score refresh or rapid rescore that takes about 5 business days.  For more serious repair we can refer to specialists that can work on credit over time. The min fico for this size request is 720 score. 20% down with 720 score is available on multiple programs. I would address to have his income evaluated by a senior mortgage lender/processor as the income calculations for underwriting involve thorough evaluation of 2 year returns and it would be a good idea to have the full application ran through DU or LP which are the underwriting engines for FNMA (Fannie Mae) or FHLMC (Freddie Mac) to see if the findings and requirements to document are extensive. However, being that his loan amount is outside the conforming limits the investor will determine the requirements and they can be different per lender. More reason to get in touch with someone with vast knowledge on the guidelines and his situation. His calculation of his DTI is probably simple and straightforward, however at that income bracket it is likely he has invested in a thorough CPA and various accounting methods can further help or hurt the DTI. 2 full tax returns, W2's and pay stubs will be required to accurately analyze against credit debts and REO liabilities.

Short sale under unusual circumstances


I have been helping many homeowners who have been in similar situations as yourself and have helped them purchase in less than 2 years.  It is also possible to get a short sale wiped off your credit report.  Message me so I can tell you more about it.Have a great day!Richelle Szczygiel