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Home-Buyers, Would you put your money where your mouth is?


I'm open to all forms of compensation that a prospective buyer client proposes.  The hourly fee would certainly drive efficiencies and perhaps raise a better potential for a rebate for the buyer and is a good idea - as long as the buyer agrees with what the billable hours are.  Certainly more accounting involved though.  My clients enjoy the fact that they can align their financial interests with mine - instead of the opposite.  IE - incentive where I get paid more when their price goes down and less when it goes up - unlike the trad. agent.  Or there's always fixed fee plus incentive - or just fixed fee - or many other options.  In the end - it is a win if both parties feel like it was fair compensation for services performed.  The current incentive scheme in Real Estate is very flawed - with agents getting paid more when their buyer's price goes up - and not working under contract with their client - so they have to accept whatever the payout is - and they may push one property over another to their client - because the payout may be higher on one of them.  My company eliminates all such biases with buyer clients here in the Chicago area - and aligns our interests to be the same...

What Are the Most Overused Words/Terms in Real Estate


Easy access to everywhere" - backs up to a freeway"Grandma's house" - hasn't been updated since granny moved in and still smells like her"As the bird flies" - you have to navigate a tangled network of streets to get there"Light and bright" - everything is painted white. Looks like a hospital."Light, airy basement" - daylight visible through the cracks in the foundation"Retro décor" - think avocado and pink toilets and bathtubs"Turnkey" - seller didn't want to haul off the old furniture."Unique design" - you have to walk through a bathroom to reach one of the rooms"Walking distance" - up to two miles"Water front" - perhaps on long-dried up lake bed and even backing up to retention basins.

I'm shopping for a home. Can I look at my Zillow favorites list in map mode?


Agree with Phillip that Zillow can contain  off market property either under contract, sold, cancelled etc.  So can by the way & many other sites.Feel free to go to to access a very cool map based view of Libertyville homes - and search by just about any parameter you can think of.  Everything you see is available - vs sold.My company (called an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage) is quite unique in that we never represent sellers - so we are always on the buyer's side - looking out for their best interests - without the conflicts of interest that "buyer agents" can have (they and their company list property for sale)  My company is based in the NW Burbs & is located right next to Libertyville.Have  great day!