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11/01/2014 - jeffreyzizka
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $200K in Windham, CT.

One of the most honest and knowledgeable agents I have ever worked with. Rick took the time to sit and discuss all the ins and outs of the transactions, the price that we could expect to sell the house for and kept us informed of the timelines. While we were on vacation, he went above and beyond by stopping by the house to make sure everything was secure.

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10/24/2014 - chrisandismini
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $175K in Mansfield Center, CT.

This is an unsolicited note of appreciation for Rick Nassiff, who just finished helping us sell a house. Rick’s expertise, helpfulness and kindness were so far beyond anything we have previously experienced that I wanted to express our deep appreciation. The circumstances of the sale are important to understand. While my parents visited family in Kansas and looked at assisted living options there my father fell deathly ill. Consequently my mother had to quickly offer their house in Connecticut for sale, and Rick was recommended to her by close friends. What a godsend he has been.

Rick helped us decide on minor repairs to make the house most presentable. I was impressed by his willingness to explain the value of each fix-up and how accommodating he was about our preferences. It definitely paid off taking his advice. His knowledge of the market and what would produce the best return for Mom was spot on, but what really pleased us was his recommendation on workmen. He put us in touch with someone who not only did the work in short order and exceptionally well but at rates so low I suspected he had charitable intentions. We couldn’t have been happier.

When my brothers and I arrived to clean the house out, Rick helped us find people and organizations where we could sell or donate unwanted items. He offered to help us with the moving truck and loading materials and other small details during what was for us a very trying time. He was more than kind. How much more became evident when we asked his assistance on a complicated property issue. My parents’ small house was on a large piece of land, and it became apparent the market would not reward them for most of the land because its usefulness was questionable. So we asked Rick to help us split off the wilderness portion from the house so it could be retained in the family for later use. He explained what this process would involve but we didn’t really comprehend what a herculean task it would be. He knew, and he willingly took it all on: the surveying, approvals, and legal arrangements, which seemed endless. As this all unfolded I began to realize we were asking Rick to do far more than anything I’ve ever imagined a realtor would or could do to prepare a property for sale. But we never heard the slightest complaint from him. On the contrary, he would just tell me what a delight it was working for my Mom.

These administrative tasks were hard on my mother who had returned to Kansas to be with my father. She had to take on numerous details, but Rick patiently assisted her each step of the way, helping her understand all the paperwork and how she could get it to the right people in Connecticut. He was very patient, kind, and reliable throughout the entire process, which alone would have earned our enduring gratitude. But Rick did something else that is quite a testimony to his integrity. The costs of medical bills and living in Kansas while maintaining the property in Connecticut were crushing, and Mom needed a quick sale. Rick arranged it, and in retrospect it is clear to me he did so at his own expense. Another realtor brought in a prospective buyer who offered less than our asking price. It would have been easy to wave off this offer but Rick willingly negotiated a better offer for Mom’s consideration. The result was a quick sale, a happy Mom, and half Rick’s commission—which he more than earned—going elsewhere.

No one could have done more for our family in these circumstances. We are disappointed that Rick did not get what we think he deserved but he just shrugs that off as “the nature of the business” and insists he was happy to help. That may be, but if there is any justice in the cosmic scheme of things, one day he will get a “well done!” from someone immeasurably more significant than us!

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10/24/2014 - george a waller
Sold a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $100K in Mansfield Center, CT.

Rick Nassiff is a highly professional, energetic, effective, and personable agent. Rick helped me every step of the way to sell my property and I will and have recommended him to anyone needing expert assistance buying or selling in this area. I would add that the reason I chose Rick to help me was that he had listed and sold my partner's home in Mansfield as well as helped her buy a condo.

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09/13/2011 - easy.ed
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $250K in Mansfield Center, CT.

Rick is a brilliant realtor. He has managed to sell my mother's home at higher than market value during a gruesome real estate market during a month whose total sales had declined from a year ago.

I highly recommend Rick to anyone who is selling and/or purchasing a home. He displays impeccable process expertise from the moment a house is listed until it closes.

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09/09/2011 - Zig C
Sold a Multi Family home in 2011 for approximately $175K in Windham, CT.

Rick is an excellent agent. He knows the business and the local market very well. He took a trying selling situation and handled it calmly and with enthusiasm. As a seller living outside the area, I was particularly impressed with how much he went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with repair contractors, snow removal, and staying on top of things for me in general. This is the third house that I have sold using a realtor and Rick has shown himself to be most helpful. I would highly recommend him without reservation. Thanks for all your help Rick!

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09/08/2011 - Fred Lowman
Sold a home in 2011.

Rick sold my mother's house after she had passed away. My home is 55 miles from Columbia. When Rick says he will take of everything - he means it. We had to do some repairs to the property and he made all the arrangements. I never had to worry about a thing because of Rick's local knowledge of good, reliable service people and his ability to get things done immediately. In today's economy he negotiated an excellent selling price for the house looking out for my needs, but also looking to the needs and concerns of the young couple who bought the place. Rick's knowledge of the real estate market and especially of the Columbia real estate market is unmatched. I had talked to 2 other area agents before deciding to go with Rick and couldn't have been happier with my decision. Just a great guy to work with.

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