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Welcome HOME!!  If you are in the market for a home or if you need to sell your existing home, and you are looking for a Real Estate Professional to work with, YOUR SEARCH IS OVER!  It would be my honor to work with you, FULL TIME, in your quest.  You won't find anyone that cares anymore about getting you what you want and need.  Real Estate is all about understanding.  And I understand it.


I understand that, for home buyers, it quite possibly is the biggest decision you will have to make for years to come. When the seller accepts your offer, I am 'obligated' to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.  I understand that I must work hand in hand with your lender, your inspector, your contractor (if needed), and the title company to assure you that you are getting all that is needed, expected and MORE!  I understand that you need to make every dollar count, and that is why all of my services are FREE to you!


I understand that, for home sellers, when you offer me the opportunity to market your home for sale, that the net to seller line is what matters to you! I understand what the market is for your home and what buyers are looking for.  I understand home appraisers, home inspectors, buyer lenders, and buyer agents—all the folks that we will deal with when selling your home.  I understand you need an online presence, and a personable presence.  I understand that I work for you and that you should expect realistic results from me!


The bottom line is, I UNDERSTAND Real Estate.  Give me a call, send a text, or shoot me an email.  You will be glad you did, as have so many others.

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