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Riverlady wrote:

someone agreeed to buy my computer and has not come with the money by the stated time. can I sue?

I would say move on... Don't waste your time. How much profit were you going to make? Spending money to goto court and the risk of the judge awarding you anything and then having to collect, which I would find highly unlikely. Is it really worth your time?
February 14 2011

Bank says that I cannot refinance my FHA loans before the 10/4 deadline.

Just another lender screwing the consumer. Chase just got nailed this morning for foreclosing on people without following proper procedures. 18,000 people per month... Ha Ha Ha!! I hope the feel the wrath of being an example for other lender by the government trying to get brownie points prior to the elections! 
September 30 2010
9057 Mandarin Ln
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July 23 2008
Liar! This house isn't for sale!
How embarrassing! I went to the door and these people said their home wasn't for sale and said they never even heard of you!
March 11 2008
Can I see it today?
Thank you for the information. Can I see it today?
March 08 2008

This is the Best Priced and Best Value in the Community!

Can you tell me about the neighborhood and how the neighbors are? I really like your pictures is the house really that nice? Sometimes pictures are better than the house.
March 06 2008