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05/09/2014 - smorea
Property manage a Single Family home in Riverview, FL.

Susan has been the property manager of our home for 4 years. We live out of state and relied on her to perform her responsibilities as a property manager. She did nothing to manage our property and when the current tenant moved out after 2 years we found out they destroyed our home causing THOUSANDS of dollars worth of damage that could have been remedied had she have been doing regular inspections, and simple drive bys.

Here is a partial list of all of the destruction in our home: garage door panel hanging, lawn dead due to tenants parking on it (NO maintenance of grass, weeds, trees hanging to the ground with years of growth on them);Filthy home-with 2 years of dirt and hand prints all over walls & floors; Water damage to ceilings in foyer and dining room; dirt mark/stains on ceiling and walls by all registers where NO filter had been in AC handler for a long time; Black paint stain covering brand new wood floors; ruined carpets filthy with marker/paint stains on them; broken doors, electric sockets, lights; 200 lb pile of garbage in back yard including couches/chairs/household garbage and clothing; liquor and beer bottles and trash in all flower beds

What she offered me.. "we have an investor that would be happy to speak to about purchasing your home."

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